Fear the Assassin, read ALBT Chapter 0031

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Hey guys, although the last chapter was a bit sentimental, but I think most of you were expecting a little bit too much. Don’t forget, Zhao Tie Zhu isn’t that close with Su Yan Ni, so I think just telling her a glance of his past was already something. Perhaps, if it were Li Ling Er, then he might told her a bit more.

Like I said last time, this author gives you a little information only to raise more questions. But in time, things will become clearer. If you remember, in the early chapters (Chapter 5) when Zhao Tie Zhu told a joke about that three legged chicken to Chen Ling, he said that he got two little sisters. So, there’s still a lot about his past that hasn’t been revealed yet.

This chapter has action and also some shocking bloody gore scene. This chapter will change your image about a character in this novel. Not for the kind hearted reader, though.

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Chapter 31: Li Ling Er In Trouble

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