Fear the Assassin, read ALBT Chapter 0036

Assasin Landlord Beauty Tenants

Another early release, as I might not be able to release it tomorrow until evening. Maybe I should change the schedule to Saturday instead of Sunday. I’ll think about it.

When I put images (memes) for the chapter on this announcement post last time, there were some ‘complains’ asking me to put it somewhere else. And since there will be a steady supply of memes for ALBT from MeeBoo (those who read ISSTH would already know his famous memes), I’ll be putting the meme for the chapter on the next chapter preview. So, yeah, I’m kind of forcing you to peek at the preview page if you want to see the meme. And when the chapter is updated, the meme will be gone.

What about my eyes? Well, they are still adjusting. Although I still feel like being in another world, but I’m steadily returning to earth already. Since I’m wearing the new glasses all the time (except when I sleep or bath, of course), whether they like it or not (my eyes), they are forced to get used to it.

Anyway, the arc is almost over…

Here’s your second regular ALBT chapter of the week.

Chapter 36: Demon Child Michiko

Translator: Lingson
Editor: Deathblade
Proofreader: Laoren and MeeBoo

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