Fear the Assassin, read ALBT Chapter 0043

Assasin Landlord Beauty Tenants

It’s going to be another busy week rally. Well, I just want to get things done ASAP here so I can finally move to Germany, hopefully before summer. So, I’m basically currently racing with time. If I delay a day for a process at certain office, the whole process might get delayed two or three days. So, a delay for several days might result in delays for several weeks.

Last time, I said that I had new plans for my translations schedule. Initially, it has also something to do with ALBT schedules because I plan to increase the number of chapters released. But because of the “unexpected” finish of the recognition process (of course I want it to be finished, but because it had taken so long, I had kind of already lost hope that it will be finish soon), and I need to proceed with the next document process, I need to delay things for my translations for a while. If things go well, it should only take two more weeks of my time. After that, it will be the “waiting period” again.

Enough of my rant, as promised earlier, here’s your new ALBT chapter. Please enjoy.

Chapter 43: Meeting Huang Ning Again

Translator: Lingson
Editor: Deathblade

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