Important – Website was under attack!

Apology to all of you that has been trying to access this site in the last two to three hours.

This site was under heavy attack from hackers that are trying to brute force hack the admin account, and in the way had consumed the server resources. It had even made me unable to access my own site 🙁

The problem should be resolved for now. I don’t know why the attack happened. It could be because of malicious scripts, or just people that were trying to make other people miserable. Luckily I was in front of the computer.

I tried to contact the hosting server asking for help, which they just reply with standard default email instructing user what to do (which say I should do this and that from the admin area – which I CAN’T ACCESS!!). And the support even said that they didn’t detect any attack. Please recommend me a good wordpress hosting site that isn’t expensive (under $10/month, as that is the most I could afford right now).

Anyway, I’m sorry again for the trouble you had when trying to access this site to read the chapters.

Thank you all.

2 thoughts on “Important – Website was under attack!

    1. Lingson Post author

      No problem.. I think the matter is solved already for now. But I’m still going to do something about it later on to reduce the risk next time.


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