New CD (Indonesian) Chapter Release! Book 01 – Chapter 01

As I mentioned before, I’ll be translating Coiling Dragon (CD) into Indonesian.

Thanks to RWX and WuxiaWorld for his great translation and his permission to let me post it here. The chapter is really really long. I really salute RWX for being able to translate so fast. Even translating into Indonesian, which is quite easy, had took me many hours. That’s why I’m only releasing one chapter a week so it would not disturb my other projects.

Coiling Dragon (Indonesian) Book 1, Chapter 1

As always, your support is our motivation. Thank you all..

One thought on “New CD (Indonesian) Chapter Release! Book 01 – Chapter 01

  1. Varler

    I can only read English, so these kind of translations don’t affect me, but I still think it’s really cool that they’re being translated into all these other languages so anyone around the world can enjoy them.
    Although, if you wanted Indonesian people to find these, you’d probably do better posting them on an Indonesian site.


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