New Tales of New Earth Release! Chapter 3 & 4

After my last post, suddenly some family issue came up, and I haven’t touched my laptop until today. And I also noticed that somehow the automated script for didn’t work. I don’t know what’s wrong with it, I will need to check it again. It did work last time, so I need to figure out what had caused the problem. Meanwhile, I can only satisfy you with this publication.

Since my daughter is having holiday at the moment, more chapters of TNE will be coming during this month. Please support her by commenting on this work. Please give your inputs or critiques so she can improve. Thanks.

Just a reminder, you can find the index through the menu above in “Other Publications”

So, enjoy the new chapters:

The Tales of New Earth – Chapter 3

The Tales of New Earth – Chapter 4

P.S. About any other publications, I’m sorry, I need to sort it all out again. I just have the chance to open my laptop, so I need to check on many things to catch up to what I’ve missed these few days.

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