New TLT Chapter Release! Book 02 – Chapter 048

Sorry for the delay, I was translating ALBT yesterday. It’s waiting for editing and proofreading.

And regarding the fourth chapter, don’t worry, I’m still gonna release it today. So hopefully I’m gonna break my own record by posting 3 chapters today 🙂

So there wasn’t any Yogie the Bear in the last chapter. Too bad. What about in this chapter? Why is the MC keep thinking about Murong Shan Shan when he is with all those other girls. I think he should focusing on getting one that’s from his group first. Or perhaps something will happen in this chapter? Well, there’s definitely something happen which will greatly influenced the MC career here.

Just read on to find out in this third weekly chapter of TLT:

The Legendary Thief Chapter 48

As always, your support is our motivation. Thank you all..

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