New TLT Chapter Release! Book 02 – Chapter 056

50 hours to finish the mission? How is Lin Fan going to do it?

Find it out in this second regular weekly chapter:

The Legendary Thief Chapter 56

Translated by: Voskara, Edited and Checked by: Lingson

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Additional Note:

Part of the content of this post has been deleted as the conflict has been resolved with mutual understanding. Thank you.

5 thoughts on “New TLT Chapter Release! Book 02 – Chapter 056

    1. Lingson Post author

      Well, he already apologized, and I will email him to discuss this matter to reach some mutual agreement that will benefit the all of us. So, I’ll consider this case closed for now.

  1. andyfeby

    And by the way, i found your site today, and i think you’re doing good job, and i love this story, that’s why i want to spread this in indonesian language. FYI, i never read FAQ that’s why i don’t know if you don’t want anyone to translate this to indonesian. If you still don’t want me to translate this into indonesian language, please reply my comment, i will put down my translation and put your site in my Lainnya tab. If you want me to continue, i appreciate that because i will surely catch your translation in one month. I’m free at home anyway 😀 … GBU

    1. Lingson Post author

      No offense to those translators. Didn’t mean to make them lose face. But recently, there are many translations going a chapter a day. I was comparing myself with them.


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