New TLT Chapter Release! Book 02 – Chapter 059

“I’m telling you,” Murong Shan Shan was annoyed but continued, “there’s no way your team can win against mine. I’ve got Superman, Spiderman, Green Lantern, and Batman in my team!”

“Hah! They are nothing compared Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America and Thor in my team. Have you forgotten how Hulk smashed that puny god Loki during the New York’s incident?” Lin Fan said confidently.”

“Anyway,” Lin Fan went on to say, “I’m going to finish my mission for now. You just wait and see when the time comes for the competition! I’m going to bet your panties on it!”

What new development will come up during his mission?

Find out in this first regular weekly chapter:

The Legendary Thief Chapter 59

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