New TLT Chapter Release! Book 02 – Chapter 061


“Hey, Lin Fan…” Zhao Tie Zhu called Lin Fan as he saw him walking on the street, “I still get a room at my place, why don’t you move your studio to my place?”

“Hmmph.” Lin Fan snorted as he replied, “Come on, how many women are currently renting your rooms? I’ve got 7 by me. Not to mention how you’re going to peek at them every night with your skill. I would be at lost here. But, wait…”

Lin Fan thought for a while… He was still upset about his conversation with Drake, but then he came up with a brilliant idea, “Well, sure.. but, it’s going to be free rent, PLUS… you’re going to pay me ten thousand spirit stones haha.” He laughed proudly for his brilliant idea.

“Huh?” Zhao Tie Zhu could only scratch his head as he thought, there must be something wrong with the game helmet that it has ruined his buddy’s brain. Poor Lin Fan, he thought.

Well, enough with the short story, here’s your third regular weekly chapter:

The Legendary Thief Chapter 61

Translated by: Voskara, Edited and Checked by: Lingson

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P.S. If you’re curious why Lin Fan was upset with Drake in the short story, you can check the announcement post at TranslationNations 🙂

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