New TLT Chapter Release! Book 03 – Chapter 076

Thank you for all of you who have voted on the new poll. And since the Aho-Updates screwed up again yesterday, some of you probably haven’t read the latest News update.

if you haven’t read the News update, please do. And, please don’t forget to vote.

Finally, Lin Fan and Murong Shan Shan are dueling. Who do you think will win?

A. Lin Fan. Obviously, he’s the MC.

B. Murong Shan Shan. Well, the MC couldn’t have that kind of luck all the time, right?

C. It will be unfinished since they will end up kissing each other. Thus, the duel results in a draw.

D. None of them. There will be a system error, and both of them will be send to a distant future parallel world.

Here’s your second regular TLT chapter of the week:

The Legendary Thief Chapter 76


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4 thoughts on “New TLT Chapter Release! Book 03 – Chapter 076

  1. uyeye

    how about the MC nearly winning then kissed by murong shan shan but then something error happen and send them to other world, but murong shan shan from future come back and finished the tournament


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