New TLT Chapter Release! Book 03 – Chapter 081

Thank you guys for all of your concern. Don’t worry, I’m not pushing myself to the limit and ignoring my health. But, I won’t have any time to translate on Sunday, and although I hope tomorrow I would feel better already, but, it might become the opposite as well. Since I can still manage to translate in a slower pace, I try to finish my weekly release before Sunday. Your kind words really make me feel at ease.

Here’s your third regular TLT chapter of the week:

The Legendary Thief Chapter 81


As always, please comment, reading your comments really would make my day.

P.S. Since I feel kind of dizzy today, if this chapter’s wording are strange, or if I made any mistakes, please let me know.

5 thoughts on “New TLT Chapter Release! Book 03 – Chapter 081

  1. antowibowo

    take care, health is important no matter what you do after all. thank you for this chapter, really appreciate the fact that it came out when you’re sick and all that.

  2. Varler

    I feel like the action had gotten better even just from the start of this tournament to now. I can tell the author is gaining a lot of experience. Maybe your translating is getting better too, that you’re able to make the action seem better. Not that you were ever a bad translator. Haha
    Anyway, thanks for another chapter!


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