New TLT Chapter Release! Book 04 – Chapter 103

Hey guys, sorry for the long silence and no news from me.

It had been chaotic where problems after problems arose and I didn’t have time to do any translations at all. Actually, not just translations, but I didn’t even have time to open my laptop as I’m usually too exhausted already, or if I could, I would just access it shortly.

Are the problems solved? Have I moved to Germany yet? The answer to both of the questions is NO. That ***** clerk was causing another ruckus again, so it’s delayed again. In fact, at this point, I really don’t dare to make any plan on when it would finally be finish.

Anyway, for now, I’m back again. However, I’m way behind on the quota for TLT, and need to focus on it first. So, for ALBT fans, I’m sorry, but there won’t be an updated for a while, at least, until I get things to normal again, but it might take until after the new year.

For now, I will be posting three chapters of TLT in a week. Hopefully by New Year, everything can resume to normal again.

First regular TLT chapter of the week.

The Legendary Thief Chapter 103

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13 thoughts on “New TLT Chapter Release! Book 04 – Chapter 103

  1. jayotaku94

    Lingson it’s been so looong! Glad to see you back and in one piece, although i’m sorry to hear that things aren’t necessarily going your way right now. 🙁 Just know that we miss ya and are happy to see ya again and no matter how many people complain yoy still have a solid backing 🙂

  2. adrian

    aaahhhhh finally i just tought for a while you already have eat a lot sausage in there then forgetting this 😛
    well the clerk really need to be feed with honey carrot 😀

    1. Lingson Post author

      Nah, when I have moved there, things should actually be better for my translation routine. Besides, I can then eat the sausages while translating LOL…

      I guess you’re right. That bitch definitely need some honey carrot 😀

  3. Onyx

    Moving to a different country is hard enough already without useless/obstructive officials in the way. Hope you manage to get your plans in motion again soon.

    And thanks for the chapter!


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