New TLT Chapter Release! Book 04 – Chapter 115

As someone commented yesterday about waiting for so long, well, what’s even more hilarious is that the letter was actually ready, it only needed a signature. So, the 5 hours waiting was actually for the letter to be signed. Well, borrowing some terms from ISSTH, I guess those people just sow Karma and might get it back one day. LOL.

Here’s your last regular TLT chapter of the week. If you would like more chapters, as I put the notice already on TranslationNations post, I will be accepting sponsored chapters for TLT up to 3 chapters a week. The regular chapter will be posted on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and as for the sponsored chapters, if there are any, during the rest of the week, within 48 hours after the required donations, which is $30/chapter is filled. For those who can, please support me with donations, and for those who can’t, please support me morally as you have always done until now. Thank you guys.


The Legendary Thief Chapter 115

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P.S. For those who also read ALBT, I will be back posting ALBT chapters starting next week.

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