New TLT Chapter Release! Book 04 – Chapter 137

Hey guys, it’s the last chapter of Book 4 today. Starting tomorrow, it’s Book 5 already.

However, I have something that I need to inform you. Starting from Book 5 onward (to the end), each chapter will be much longer than the current chapters. Some of the chapters will have as to 6k characters (more than double the length of current chapters), while most of them are double as long as the current ones.

Because of that, I’m sorry to inform you that there will be some changes regarding the sponsored chapters. However, you don’t need to worry about this week’s sponsored chapters. Although the 2 remaining slots are already for chapters of Book 5, but to give you a taste of how long the chapter would be, the rates for it won’t change (the queue for the last sponsored chapters is not filled yet, and you still have a change to donate and get a long chapter for the same rate. So, please donate).

Please don’t donate for the next week sponsored chapters yet, I’m going to put it on hold for a few days.

The question is: Since the length of the chapters are literally double the length of current chapters, should I increase the rate of the sponsored chapters to $60 / chapter, or do you prefer if it stays like now but I cut the chapters into two parts, where the length of each release would not be shorter than the current chapters. Should there be some shorter chapters, then I will add them, and throw an extra chapter later. (However, from the chapters that I’ve seen up to now, the chapters aren’t getting any shorter. If not the same, then it’s even longer). Please vote guys!

Here’s your first sponsored chapter of the week.


The Legendary Thief Chapter 137

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4 thoughts on “New TLT Chapter Release! Book 04 – Chapter 137

  1. Ardavix

    It all depends on your release schedule. If your release schedule is not going to change then personally, I think that the prices should be brought up to an appropriate amount (relative to other translators with similar chapter sizes). Likewise, if your release schedule will change in lieu of the longer chapters then you should halve the chapters to maintain the present statusquo in order to keep your current release schedule and keep the prices as is imo.


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