New TLT Chapter Release! Book 05 – Chapter 138

Yay, finally we’re on Book 5 now.

Thank you for your inputs. Well, I wasn’t clear enough in my yesterday’s post. With the changes, there will be clearly some changes in the schedule too. However, not much actually. And although the chapters will decrease, but from the content, it will actually be more. Like I mentioned, the new chapters will be double as long as the previous chapters. And I meant it literally. Some Chinese novel’s author are inconsistent with the chapters length. Sometimes it will be a long chapter, sometimes even a short one. But this author was quite consistent with the chapter length. So, one new chapter can be considered as two chapters previously.

My new release would be two half-chapters on Monday and two half-chapters on Tuesday for the regular chapters (if the chapters will be split). So you will be actually getting four releases with the chapter length like before. Or, if the chapters are not split, it will be relatively the same, one chapter on Monday and one chapter on Tuesday for the regular chapters.

As for the sponsored chapters, they will be released during Wednesday to Sunday without any limitations. Although, of course, for the time being, the most I can do is only two half-chapters or one full chapter per day. Once in a while, I will be sponsoring chapters by myself.

Today, besides translating, I also do some checking on other translations with donations. Some of them put a really ridiculous price (not for the value per chapter, instead, considering the average number of characters per chapter it has). I just wanted to make sure the rate for my sponsored chapters is reasonable. Well, I won’t list any names, but you can check those translation by yourself. Just get the raw, and use some character counter application. Anyway, I was relieve to find out that my rate is really reasonable compared to the rates by other translators.

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Here’s your second sponsored chapter of the week. This chapter is sponsored by Andy Liu and Dale Forrester from US. Oh, and because yesterday’s chapter was sponsored by an Anonymous from US, I forgot to mention it. Thank you sponsors for the generous donations. If you all like the chapters, please make time to also thank the sponsors.

The queue for the last sponsored chapter this week isn’t filled yet. Please donate before next week if you still want to have the full chapter for the old rate. Well, even if you don’t mind about any chapter length, please just donate to support me.


The Legendary Thief Chapter 138

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