New TLT Chapter Release! Book 05 – Chapter 141

Hey guys, just want to make it clear that the three regular chapters will start next week since the regular chapters this week were so long, plus I have actually posted three chapters this week if you counted the bonus chapter too.

However, like I said, the donations for sponsored chapters is open again, so you can donate if you want more chapters this week. To make it easier for the donators, I’ll write the rate for each next chapter at the donation info section. If you want to see a complete list of the rates for all chapters, you can click the link to the list.

Thank you for all of you who have offered me to edit TLT chapters. I will reply to your mail tomorrow.

Don’t forget to donate guys. Thank you!

Here’s your second and last regular weekly chapter.


The Legendary Thief Chapter 141

As always, please comment on the story, reading your comments really would make my day.

P.S. The new chapter’s length have put me off track for a while, and I’m trying to catch up to get back on track again. So there will be some delays for ALBT. Sorry.

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