New TLT Chapter Release! Book 05 – Chapter 142

Happy Valentine’s day.

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By the way, I finally managed to do my side project that I wanted to do since long ago. I’ve added a Machine Translation section for TLT. It’s the MT version of the next few chapters of TLT. This is intended for those who likes to read the raws ahead using MTs. I used my not-updated-for-a-while glossary for certain term. It lacks recent terms/names. Depend on how popular this thing will be, I might put more effort to update the glossaries. Anyway, for more details, please check the Machine Translation of TLT.

For those who likes to read MTs, I would really appreciate if you would leave some comments or advises regarding the MTs of TLT (Like how many chapters ahead would be ideal, etc.). Don’t worry guys, this thing won’t take much of my time. It took me quite a while to do this because I haven’t write the scripts to automate the process before. But since now it’s done, it’s mostly automated process and won’t take much time except for updating the glossaries.

So, here’s your first regular weekly chapter.


The Legendary Thief Chapter 142

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P.S. I will try to get another ALBT chapter out this week. Sorry for the delay.

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