New TLT Chapter Release! Book 05 – Chapter 143

Hey guys, just as a reminder, the MT section isn’t supposed to act as chapter teaser. I provide the section for the readers who likes to read ahead using MTs. Only instead of using just one MT, I provide three versions of them. At first, it might get a bit confusing, but from my experience, only reading one MT might be hard as the MTs are translating the raws differently. Unfortunately, there are no best MT yet. Sometimes one MT would translate a sentence better, but other times it would translate it wrongly. Plus, with the terms in glossaries substituted into the translation, hopefully the translation would be more readable/understandable.

For the other readers who don’t like to read MT, I wouldn’t suggest you to start. It really can give a headache.

Anyway, here’s your second regular weekly chapter.


The Legendary Thief Chapter 143

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