New TLT Chapter Release! Book 05 – Chapter 146

Sorry for the late release again. I haven’t been feeling well lately. It hasn’t stopped me from doing the translations, but it’s has slowed me quite.

And if any of you have a medical background, perhaps you can help me with one of the things. My eyes had been throbbing (not exactly throbbing but kinda feels like that) lately, sometimes mildly, but sometimes quite strong. It’s really annoying. And when it’s quite strong, it feels like the eye is being pulled to the back, or like it’s being pressed. Does anyone has this experience before or know why this happens? Thanks in advance for any advices.

Here’s your first chapter of the week.


The Legendary Thief Chapter 146

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P.S. I’m sure many of you are asking about ALBT. I’m really sorry for the delay. I hope I can do it soon.

3 thoughts on “New TLT Chapter Release! Book 05 – Chapter 146

  1. sukets

    Sometimes I have the same issue, my ophthalmologist said that the iris is dry. Try to aply some eye drops, and after 1hour of looking on a computer screen, go to a window and look far away for a few minutes. To me it helped a lot actually, dunno if its just placebo effect tho.

  2. peach

    My lovely translator, you have been looking at the computer too much.
    It’s probably eyestrain. Since u are translating a Chinese novel, I’m assuming that you are familair with Tiger Balm.
    Rub some Tiger Balm (a small chunk) on your cheekbones and temples every night before bed. Be careful not to get any in ur eyes.
    If it burns like heck, it’s probs eyestrain. The more it burns, the more severe your eyestrain is. Rub every night until you feel better.

    If despite having these symptoms, it doesn’t burn. There are likely two reasons:
    1) You are using imitation Tiger Balm
    2) It’s isn’t eyestrain and potentially something more serious

    Good luck, I love your translations but you should stay away from the computer.
    Thanks for the chapter.


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