New TLT Chapter Release! Book 05 – Chapter 157

It’s been a while… Well, not really a while but quite long actually.. Anyway, it’s been quite long since I translate/post anything.

I’ve moved to Germany few months ago. But things didn’t go like I thought. It was like hell finding an apartment to rent, the semester in the university also has started, I needed to stay in a hostel for more than a month, going back and forth with train from my moms place (luckily my mom lives in Germany, and I could stay at her place before I find a place on my own) to the university every week (the university and where my mom live are in different city). The courses at the university are damn hard (maybe because I haven’t mastered the German language yet or perhaps of my age), plus etc. etc. etc.

I’ve been cut off from the ‘translation’ world for several months and I wasn’t even sure if I should continue with all of this or not, considering I don’t even know if I can manage all my activity plus this translating stuff. On top of that, someone else might already continued the translation of this novel.

Few days ago, I finally pushed myself to check, and it turned out that nobody has done it yet. TLT is a good work and I don’t won’t it to discontinue just like this, so I decide to continue working on it again.

I can’t and won’t commit or promise anything. It might be once a week, once a month, or who knows, so I’m not expecting any donations or compensation either. I’ll try to find a way to do this regularly again.

I apologize for all this time without news. Please don’t expect too much either. I haven’t get settled yet, and it’s messing my head too. And I thank all my readers for being so generous as I never read any swearing or bad words during these few months that I ‘disappeared’. I love you, all my readers.

So, here’s your new (hopefully long awaited) TLT chapter.


The Legendary Thief Chapter 157

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  1. Varler

    Wah! Lingson is back! I’m sorry to hear that your move ended up being so hard. It’s a good thing that your mom lives there, though! Take as much time as you need. University is hard even when it’s your own language and schooling is more important than translating for us, unless you wanted to make it your job like Deathblade or RWX. Haha.


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