News – 01.05.15

News update:

1. The poll to vote regarding the TAG tanslation is closed with 280 voters. The result was: No gets the most votes with 172 votes (61%) and Yes with 108 votes (39%).

I guess that if the Yes option was 1 TAG + 4 TLT chapters/week instead of 1 TAG + 3 TLT chapters/week, the result would have been reversed :D.

But it won’t matter now since can’t promise to deliver that much chapters, and the translation is now done by someone else already. I guess, I’m not fated yet to translate it :D.

2. Although I said I would translate 5 chapters/week, but sadly, this week I can only deliver 4 chapters. The next chapter would have to wait until Monday. I have to go out of town tomorrow for a friend of mine’s funeral 🙁

I won’t be bringing my laptop as I also don’t know if there would be any Internet connections at all. It is really unfortunate since tomorrow would be a national holiday, and I could have even deliver 2 more chapters instead of just one.

I’m really sorry about this. But hey, at least the delay was after this chapter (with no cliffhanger) and not the chapter before 🙂

Thanks for visiting this site and reading this.

P.S. It seems that there was a mistake in the feed and some of you didn’t get the notification regarding the Chapter 14 release. So just a reminder guys, I’ve release that chapter before posting this news. You can read it here: The Legendary Thief – Chapter 14

6 thoughts on “News – 01.05.15

  1. JackBJ

    Hi bro. I appreciate your efforts to translate despite you having to attend to your friend’s funeral.
    I hope you can have closure on this and provide some comfort to his family.

    Translating 1 chapter/week itself is a luxury for leachers like me, imho. You translating 4/week is extremely fast!

    Not everyone can be as insane as Ren(RWX, translator of CoilingDragon) and translate 3chapters/day on a long term basis.
    Insane or awesome haha

    1. Lingson Post author

      Hi Jack,

      Thanks for your support. Hearing your word is really encouraging 🙂

      Currently I have the time so I’m trying my best for it. In a few months, the quantity might drop since there would be some activity which would consume more of my time. But I will try my best to fulfill the quota (and agreed with your statement, he is insane. But I’m also trying to practice my Chinese that hopefully in the future, I won’t need to rely on machine translation anymore. Memorizing all the characters might be a bit hard for someone in my age, so currently I’m trying to practice my pinyin, which now I also include in my translation raw together with the machine translation, so I don’t need to keep opening the dictionary).

      Although I was already back on Saturday evening, I didn’t do any translation on Sunday. Instead I was updating my glossaries and also other lists (Characters, Equipment, Missions etc) in regard to this novel, so the terms I used would be more consistent (I still feel that sometimes I didn’t use the same term as the previous translations. If any of you spot it, please let me know). It’s not easy to work solo, having other activities, and still have to keep all the data together LOL.



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