News – 01.06.16 – New charts and updates

News update:

  1. I’ve finally finished the automation process for Qidian Weekly Charts. From now on, the Qidian weekly charts will be posted automatically every Sunday at 22:30 (UTC+7). At least, one problem solved, and I can move on to the next thing (still a lot of stuff that I need to finish).
  2. However, there’re still quite a few things in the to do list for, such as the monthly charts, and also the database updates. I’m going to work on the automation process for the database updating for now.
  3. In the meantime, I’m going to post new chapters of TNE, TLT, and ALBT, which I haven’t been posting for a while. One at a time. I used to manage mega projects in the past at work, but now, managing these few stuffs, and I’m already quite in chaotic state. It’s really different doing things when you’re working for someone else and when you’re working for yourself. Besides, I’m still an old timer who needs to use pen and papers. And before I finally move to Germany, I tried to minimize the papers. Otherwise, I won’t have enough space for my baggage later.
  4. Regarding my move to Germany, I’m in the final phase already. Only need to wait for one more thing (which I think, there shouldn’t be any problems with it, except for the waiting). If it is as expected, then I will fly to Germany around mid July 2016. Wish me luck with everything guys! When I’m already there, I should be finally able to regularly translate again. I won’t need to worry again about internet connection, black out, and all the things that have bugged me here.
  5. Oh, and last time, I mentioned about problems with TN where I posted TLT. Well, problems solved, so as you might have noticed, since the last news when I mentioned this, I’ve already posted again there.
  6. For all of you that read TNE, there are two reason why the post is late: One, my daughter was having exam at school, so I forbid her to work on TNE and told her to focus on her study. Two, she had finished her exam already and had actually already sent me the new chapters. However, it was me that haven’t got the time to check and post it (yes, I also help her proofreading it). So, for that, I’m sorry. I will be posting TNE soon. And please guys, if you read TNE, please leave some comments. She really hoped to see some.

As always, thank you guys for listening to my rambling and being patience with my delays.

Oh, and I have also posted the latest weekly chart on

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