News – 03.08.15

News update:

  1. Hey guys, I’ve got bad news to tell you for this week:
  2. First, the not so bad news: I usually post the chapter release announcement at three places: Aho-updates, reddit, and SPCNET (for news like this, only at Aho-updates). But, I don’t know the problem, Aho-updates sometimes didn’t ‘catch’ the announcement, so it didn’t show up there. Usually, it happens seldom, less than once a month. But in the last two weeks, it’s been annoying me because if failed three times. So, for you who get the news only from Aho-updates, please subscribe here to avoid missing the announcement.
  3. For the bad news: I decided to stop editing/checking the Indonesian translation for TLT. I’ve given andyfeby the permission to post his translation at his site here. As for the Indonesian CD translation, well, nothing changed. it won’t be posted regularly for the moment, but only when I have the time to do that, though I would still try to do a weekly one.
  4. Now, a worse news: From now on, there might not be any double chapters posted here like last time. The reason for this is because starting from this week onward, I will put the sneak preview back again like in the past. Unless it will really really ruined the hangover 😀
  5. Last, now comes the really bad news: Although previously I’ve planned to give you 5 TLT chapters weekly, but then, I decided to NOT do that. Instead, due to popular request, I will add another ALBT chapter to the weekly release. So, starting this week, you will get 2 ALBT chapters weekly instead of the regular 1 chapter.
  6. So, the release schedule starting from this week will be: 4 TLT chapters and 2 ALBT chapters.

Edits: Please read my comments below.

Thanks for reading this and being a loyal reader to my translations.

As always, your support is my motivation (Especially when the support is in the form of donation) 🙂 Thank you all.

20 thoughts on “News – 03.08.15

  1. choirofangels

    Imo the extra ALBT chapter shouldn’t be at the expense of TLT. I don’t know how many % of your readers made the ‘popular request’ but I think the verbal ones aren’t usually the majority.

    1. Lingson Post author

      Well, it’s not really on the expense of TLT actually. The TLT chapters will not get fewer than 4 chapters weekly, ever. Unless, some emergency happens that forced me to release less than that, which might happen, but only during the emergency, not permanently. Like later during my move to Germany, I might have problem with releasing the chapters, then this could happen.

      Besides, I’ve always wanted to add the ALBT chapters. Once a week, imo, is really too few.

      But, thanks for your support for TLT 🙂 I appreciate it.

  2. sliding touch

    about tlt lin fan is way too lazy he rely more on luck than hardcore grinding, i kind of hate him i wonder if the author tried some mmorpg capping is about grinding and that monochrome game is broken ( tho broken games seem to be a trend).

  3. name

    You know, when you try to convince someone of something it’s usually better to back it up with more than “your opinion” and “what you think” without any kind of proof. Verbal ones aren’t the majority? How can you prove that? Don’t use weasel words like those or “usually” (link at the bottom) so you don’t have to make an outright assertion which could be later proven wrong.

    The thing is that there’s a certain number of people who cared to comment and wanted more chapters of ALBT, and the thing is that the translator chose to pay attention to those people. You are bothered to learn that you could have enjoyed more chapters of the novel in which you are interested and blame the fact that it didn’t happen in favor of other novel you don’t seem to be as interested into. That’s a fallacious argument, since you readily admit that you don’t know how many people actually prefer one series over the other. Thus you try to mislead the translator into thinking that the result you want is the result most people support and the one the translator should abide to.

    Let’s not even get into how this is a free translation that no one is entitled to which the translator could drop the moment he wanted without giving any explanation if so he desired, and thus your demands can be completely ignored since you have no position to make them in the first place. That’s another matter altogether, but it hammers the point that it’s the translators choice what to do.

    1. Lingson Post author

      Hehehe, thanks for the long comment. I appreciate you taking the time to write it.

      I just wanted to say again what I have said before several times. I will not drop the series that I have start translating already. I’m also a fan of LN and Mangas, and I know exactly how all of you would feel if the translator suddenly decided to stop translating it, and leave the series just unfinished like that, for any reason.

      But, you guys also have to understand that these Chinese novels have so many chapters (hundreds or thousands), where at some point, the translator might get bored doing the same thing again and again every day. So, even though focusing on one novel might result in more chapters for it and might get the novel finished faster, but the reason I decide to translate not just one novel was because to avoid getting bored. And I especially choose ALBT because of the humor. Instead of giving me a stress, translating ALBT is quite refreshing. There wasn’t a chapter until now where I didn’t laugh while translating it. Had I pick a serious Xianxia novel instead of ALBT, I might end up getting stressed one day, and would perhaps be better to just stick to one only.

      So, at the moment, with my current time management, I’ve reached my limit: 6 chapters a week, an average of 1 chapter daily, plus the one day rest I’ll take to recover. But I’m quite optimist that I’ll be able to achieve more than this soon.

      Again, thank you all for the support you have given me all this time.

  4. akki

    I still get to read 4 chapters of TLT every week…………I don’t see the bad news at all. Thanks for the announcement.

    1. Lingson Post author

      Well, yes akki.. That’s the point..

      Ok guys, to not let this matter becoming a flaming event at the end, let me clear this up.

      First of all, let me apologize first. I didn’t mean it to be like this. The word ‘bad news’ that I used was meant as a joke. Because, from my point of view (besides the thing about aho-updates and the Indonesian translation of TLT), it is actually a good news for all of you.

      Except for last time the TLT chapter 69 & 70, I never posted 2 chapters at once. I was afraid that I won’t have the time to post the second chapter later on, that’s why I posted it together. And, I don’t really like it like that. I prefer to just post the chapter when it’s ready, instead of posting it in a batch like many other novels did. That announcement was actually to tell you that starting this week, I will put back the sneak preview again. But, I put it in that way, to coat it as a ‘bad news’.

      And as for the extra ALBT chapter, how could that be a bad news? The release schedule for the week was 4 TLT + 1 ALBT. And now I’m giving 4 TLT + 2 ALBT. Just as the previous one, I coated it that way to make it sound like a ‘bad news’.

      I’m really sorry that my intention to make it as a joke backfired, and all of you really took it as a bad news. 🙁

      And also, when I said ‘due to popular request’, I also want to apologize for not creating a poll first to back that statement up. But to tell you the truth, besides from the more active comments at ALBT posts, the viewers here for ALBT were higher than those of TLT. Of course. But now, that TLT is posted at Translation Nations, of course thanks to the original followers of Translation Nations, I get more views for TLT than ALBT. So, I didn’t base my assumption only from the comments, but also from the viewer statistics. And I might also be biased because I had always been planning to add the ALBT chapters since long ago, but could only do it now.

      Nevertheless, I should have put up a poll first, so I apologize guys.

      Next time, before I make quite a big decision, I will try to remember to put up a polling first to ask your preferences.

      Last but not least, I love you all. I’m really glad to know that TLT still has it core fans 🙂

  5. frfr

    Thank you very much for not just continuing to translate ALBT, but even translating MORE ALBT. Every translated chapter so far was enjoyable, great for taking a break from those ‘world-building’\battle-focused novels.

  6. thejum

    A second ALBT chapter a week sounds awesome. And there will still be four TLT chapters, which is also awesome!

    This is not bad news to me, but good news. 🙂

  7. sliding touch

    frfr the mc try to make a living with gaming, the author make sound too easy, and this isnt right if you axtually try a lvling race there two roads possibe you ll have to either no life a bit or cash out; as the mc do not intend to cash out ; he would be a little more battlemaniac than lucky i only pick high end stuff, there no gaming thrill or personal struggles. Lin Fan is supposed to be a pro gamer as he joined conquest and ranked; i don’t see it in the character developpement; and the trauma ( if i can call it trauma) that make him face female decoration ( seriously Lin Fan density is thicker than concrete) that serve as poser (its the kind of game with a character that change clothes& poses) wasting their efforts on him ( even if they smiles non stop and do background character work most of the time they have more depth than the mc). Honestly i will wait till he join a guild and see if he changes from being a wimpy dense lucky bastard, to a pro gamer or at last he become decent mc.

    1. Lingson Post author

      He will. Unfortunately, from the info I got from someone who has finish reading this novel, it will still take quite a while before this happen. Luckily, the story itself will start to escalate in Book 3. (Sometimes, even I lost my interest to translate those chapters. But, I couldn’t just translate those interesting chapters only, right? LOL)

      And regarding his luck, imo: although I agree his luck in the game is a bit extreme, but that he could reach his position, isn’t really to strange either. Put yourself in his position. He doesn’t need to worry about where to sleep, what to eat, etc, and only needs to focus on the game. Besides, his perseverance to grind really deserves a thumb. Not everybody has the patience to practice like that for hours and hours. So, even if someone like that doesn’t reach the top, but the result would still be satisfying.

  8. choirofangels

    No idea what you’re rambling about but if its my opinion, why would I not say so? Besides, I wasn’t trying to convince anyone of anything. I merely stated what I did as my opinion. There was nothing offensive about my post and if you saw any offense in it or saw it as a demand, you need to chill out and read it again. What is offensive is the way you replied.

    I read both the stories and do not like one over the other. I just feel that new stories should not be at the expense of existing stories.

    By the way, I’m bilingual in English and Chinese so I can always read the original if I really want to so there is no need for me to make any demands for faster releases.

  9. choirofangels

    Hi sliding touch
    Sorry, my post was in response to “name’s” above who took offense to my first comment for no reason. The reply function seems to be bugged. My apologies for the confusion.

  10. Drak17

    I would love to read more ALBT! :D. It is funny, and the MC have a “idgaf” personality. I like it. He is not weak, nor hesitant.

    I don’t really favor those MMORPG novels. Probably because I have played so many MMORPG in the past that reading a novel about it just seems weird, especially on how authors usually make the MCs so lucky. Lol. I know other novels genre such as Wuxia or Xianxia, the authors depicts how lucky the MCs to aquired Martial Arts Manual, and to me that is ok. Because I have no relation to it. But on MMROPG, you most likely never get that lucky on MULTIPLE occasions. It takes work and effort. Mucho grinding, failures, blood and tears to get good results/equipments. Ahhh…that’s just how I see those MMORPG novels, not very true to the actual MMORPG itself. Ok personal rambling ends here. LOL.
    Oh! And reading about how the MC lvling up and such…reminds me of my days of grinding mats and lvls…QQ…

    Thanks Linson! And those who contributes!!! (:


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