April 5, 2015

Some news/progress updates:

  • Will post the edited version of TLT Chapter 1 later on today. – Done!
  • The release of TLT Chapter 3 should be on schedule also (today too). – Done!
  • And I just read some announcement from GGP at GravityTranslation that he will drop Alchemist God. I’m planning to start translating it again if he really does. But, it might effect the release frequency of TLT. So please, I need your feedback on this; should I do it, or just focus on TLT?

Thanks for all the support. It’s a big motivation for me!


15 thoughts on “News – 05.04.15

    1. Lingson

      You can now say ZL has a good story line because it has already reached 100+ chapters and the story line becomes more clear. I remember how ZL was a bit boring when it was still translated in the early chapter.

      Besides, you shouldn’t compare ZL with TAG because those two are different in genre. ZL can be compared with Legendary Thief, since they are both from the same genre. Personally, actually I prefer TLT better than ZL. But that is a preference matter.

  1. Dragon Trainer

    Sorry late comment.

    As much as I like TAG, i don’t think you should translate it for now.

    I think it’ll be better if you concentrate on Legendary Thief for at least 10~20 chapters to get more comfortable with author’s style and then start TL’ing TAG as a variety so you wont be bored.

    1. Lingson

      Thanks for the advice. Because both were written by the same author, that I was thinking about doing parallel translations. But you are correct. This two work have a totally different style. Plus, regarding TAG, I was going to wait and see anyway.


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