News – 05.05.15

News update:

First of all, thank you for your support and encouraging words especially during last week.

All of you might have notice that this site doesn’t show a site stats, which feature is only available when my site is hosted at (unless I add some plugins, which would them slow this site down, so I omit it). But using the jetpack plugins created by people from WordPress, I’m able to view the stats (only I couldn’t display it). For you who are number geeks, here are the stats from April 2015 (I combined the stats from the old site and this site together):

Page Views: 58,405 (Most page views in a day: 4,625)

Visitors:: 12,608 (Most visitors in a day: 1,320)

THANK YOU for visiting this site! Really appreciate your time!

Secondly, this week the chapter release schedule should be as planned, one chapter/day during Monday to Friday. I will also try to add a new section listing various details regarding this novel (Characters, Equipment, Missions etc). Hopefully this can be done during this week.

Third, now here comes the interesting part. On the previous releases, I noticed from the site log that some reader would try to manually enter the next chapter address on the browser address bar. So to avoid a ‘Page not found’, I added the next chapter page without any translations (I’m not holding the translations. Whenever I’m done with one, I would release it immediately), which some of you did notice because of the ‘Next Chapter’ link on the bottom of the page.

Starting this chapter, I will try to add a little preview of the next chapter whenever I post a new chapter. Call me a copycat because Ren from WuxiaWorld is doing this, but I really liked that idea, so I’m doing the same.

I notice that this time, not many readers try to click on the ‘Next Chapter’ link since there was nothing before. But now you could try it whenever a new chapter is released. 🙂

So, if there are features you would like to see, or you have any suggestions, please do not hesitate to let me know.

As always, your support is my motivation!


 P.S. 05.05.15 – What a beautiful date 🙂

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