News – 05.07.15

News update:

  1. Regarding ALBT, there will be a slight delay as Deathblade was busy preparing some surprise for his readers tomorrow. As soon as he finished the editing, I will published it. And if you haven’t read his work “I Shall Seal The Heaven” (which by the way I’m proofreading too), you can check it out at WuxiaWorld while waiting for ALBT. I really recommend that novel.
  2. Some matters do show up unexpectedly, and I would need to spend a day or two to handle this matter. So it seems that I still can’t give you more ALBT chapter next week. Since I’m not used to the author writing style yet, it would take too much of my time to translate it (about 7 hours per chapter).
  3. Instead, I will do some Indonesian translation of TLT, because Madam Lingson will help me and try to do the German translation. But her English isn’t quite good, that’s why I would need to translate it into Indonesian first. By the way, I would also need help for German editors. Please let me know if you’re willing to help with editing the German translation later on.
  4. But the following week would be a period of holiday here. So, I won’t come up with any excuses and will definitely give you 2 ALBT chapters then.
  5. To sum it up, the release schedule for next week would still be 4 TLT chapters, 1 ALBT chapter, and 1 or 2 Indonesian TLT chapter/s (Besides the Indonesian translations, if I can translate more TLT chapters, I would!).

Thanks for reading this and being a loyal reader to this novel. Once again, I’m sorry that some things have come up, but it was really beyond my control.

Your support is my motivation. Thank you and good night all!

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