April 6, 2015

Some good and bad news. I’ll start with the bad news first:

  • Since GGP from GravityTranslations just confirmed that he isn’t dropping the Alchemist God project, I will not start translating it again for now (but I might do if the pace turns out to be too slow, But even if I’m doing it by myself, it would also only be one chapter of TAG + one chapter of TLT / week). Thank you for all of you who have given me support to translate this. When GGP really decide to drop Alchemist God, I will for sure translate it. Don’t worry guys!

The good news:

  • Well, since Gravity is continuing the TAG project, it means that you can still continue to read it there.
  • And because I will be only doing TLT for now, I will try to release 2-3 chapters each week (no promises though).

The schedule for Chapter 4 of TLT would be on Wednesday. Of course, if I have some spare time and can finish it earlier, I would released it immediately.

As always, your support will be my motivation!

2 thoughts on “News 06.04.15

  1. Mark Lee_cher

    aww anyway i shall be waiting for updates btw this is my 2nd time posting my comments on any lightnovel translation grp/person. thats how moved i was :3


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