News – 07.05.15

News update:

Wow, honestly, I never thought all of you would rate my translation that high. I feel like my translation lack vocabularies since I keep using the same words over and over. I did run my translations through five online spell / grammar checking tools before I release the translations to ensure the draft would be of a good quality. I try to make sure that even a 6-7 grader could understand it. But still, I’m not satisfy with my writing 😀 So Thank you very much!

Since I’m releasing a chapter every day during weekend, I think that I will change the function of the ‘Progress’ page. So I would only put information regarding the editing/cleaning progress. Otherwise the page would be too clumped. As for the weekly chapter releases, I put a small progress bar on the right side of this website (which I’m sure all of you have already noticed yet). Apology for my mistake in the numbers (it’s 4/5 where it should be 3/5. When I write 4/5, I already counted today’s release. So don’t worry, with today’s release, it’s still 4/5) 🙂

As for my throat, it’s getting worse. I couldn’t do my work because of that, but fortunately, for the translating, I only need to sit down in front of my laptop. Although I couldn’t concentrate too long since I feel my head is spinning all the time. So if it’s getting even worse tomorrow, I might postpone the last weekly chapter to Saturday. I hope you could understand.

Last thing on the news update, you might notice there is a new menu item: ‘Donation’. Honestly, I don’t feel like doing it, but I’m kind of in a ‘desperate’ situation (well, ok, that was a little exaggerated). The details are in the ‘Donation’ page. The short version: my daughter’s birthday is coming up soon, and I’m still short of the fund to buy her the present she wants(which she had been asking since last year already). This is also one reason that I have to do several side jobs and lately my days are quite hectic (I’m a teacher, so I do tuition for side jobs).

I also don’t want you pitying me, so consider it as a help and appreciation for this translation, and I would also give you something back in return. So for every $30 in the donation pool collected, I would do an extra chapter release for that week (but please limit only one extra chapter per day – equals 5 extra chapters in a week. I don’t want to promise something that I couldn’t deliver, and that is the maximum I could deliver for now. Consider it as a substitution for the side jobs.).

Please keep in mind that this would in no way affect the regular translations and quality of the weekly chapters. The regular and extra chapters would both still have the same translation quality like the current translation. So this is pure donation wise, no pressure at all. Donate if you want, ignore if you don’t. But I would really appreciate even the smallest donation, no matter what amount you donate.

Thank you , thank you and thank you again for all the support that you have given.

As always, your support is my motivation!


 P.S. Chapter 18 is translated. I’m currently checking the spelling/grammar. It would be released in less than one hour from now.

4 thoughts on “News – 07.05.15

  1. sal880612m

    So for every $30 in the donation pool collected, I would do an extra chapter release for that week (but please limit only one extra chapter per day – equals 5 extra chapters in a week.

    The whole total 900 thing makes it seem like you are asking for 900. I think this is going to put people off donating. I don’t know if it is something like a goal you are trying to reach to purchase something or just the minimum that that particular display will work with but I would add something to indicate you are asking 30 for an extra chapter. I don’t know if I said this elsewhere but if a person is using the batoto thread to get to your site they can get to the chapters without ever reading your announcements. I am guilty of having don so for over ten chapters. I just thought i’d put it out there.

    1. Lingson Post author

      Hi, thanks for your concern and your advice.

      Even though some people might get the wrong idea, it is the goal I’m trying to reach (as I’ve pointed on the Donation page) to buy a present for my daughter. I don’t have any experience with this kind of thing, and the only free donation plugin with progress bar that I could find was this one. I wanted people to be able to see the progress so it will be transparent. I didn’t want people to think that I just give empty promises, where people couldn’t see how many people have donated how much, and didn’t know if actually any $30 has been accumulated.

      And it’s not that I’m asking $30 for an extra chapter. I don’t want to receive donations just like that, so it was a way for me to give something back to the community for the donations, especially to those who donated.

      If I’m not currently getting desperate because of the lack of funds, I wouldn’t have put up the donation request. And to ask for sponsored chapters, I don’t think I’m ready for that, as I feel that my translations quality has not reached that satisfying point :).

      I’m open to suggestions on how to better do it if you have some. Perhaps I should add some text on the sidebar above the donation button indicating the donation is for buying the present?

      1. sal880612m

        I would just put something like “Find out more about this fundraising event and it’s goal here” and link to your donation page. You have laid it out fairly clearly there, and I don’t think you can really get across your intentions clearly in a shorter manner.

        Basically the idea is to get across that you have a goal you are trying to meet and explain that it isn’t something like 900 for a sponsored/extra chapter while at the same time indicating that there is something to gain by donating. I used fundraising event to indicate this isn’t a permanent thing , as your donation page suggests it’s not.

        I think when I originally made my comment you had nothing written above the pie chart and like I said I have typically missed any announcements you have made because I went directly to the table of content and then to the content. The only reason I found this was because I went looking for when a chapter had been released.

        I hope it works out for you, and I’m sorry but I’m really not in a position where I can help out.Thanks for the wonderful translations.

        1. Lingson Post author

          Whoa! Thank you.

          What do you mean by you’re not in a position that you can help out? This advice of your is already a great help!

          Yes, I added the text after replying to your previous comment. And yes again, this event is not a permanent thing.


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