April 8, 2015

Some news/updates:

  • As some of you maybe has already noticed, I have added a ‘Progress’ page, which you can access from the main menu. There you can see the translation status/progress of each chapter.
  • I’m sorry to inform you that for the release of TLT Chapter 5, it might take a while (hopefully by Sunday I can finish it) since this week I will be pretty busy, especially tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday.  So if nothing comes up and I can manage to translate a big part of it on Friday, then on Sunday I should have finished it, otherwise you will need to wait until Monday. I’m very sorry.
  • I’m also currently doing some other projects. It’s not a new translation project, BUT, I think you might like it. Both projects have something to do with programming/coding, since I have a programming background. You wouldn’t be able to see the first project, because it’s a project that should help me to speed up my translation pace (well, faster translation means you can also read it faster, so it would be a win-win situation for us :)). And as for the second project, all of you will see it when it’s done, because I’m going to post it here. Some of you might not be interested in it, but I’m quite certain that most of you would like it :). Please don’t ask me what it is. You will know when it’s done (I’m a teaser yeah.. Such a bad teaser yeah..) 😀
  • Since this blog is hosted on the free account at, I can’t do much with the layout/widgets. I’m planning to move to a paid hosting. Can anyone please recommend one based on your own experience with the hosting? (My current best choice is Arvixe, which is quite cheap. But I don’t know how it would effect your reading later on)

I’m a power computer user, and I used to own a powerful notebook. But it was stolen quite some time ago, and currently I’m ‘borrowing’ a notebook from my office to do my work. It’s just that the specs of this notebook is extremely low (especially the RAM which is only 1GB) 🙁 which often caused the system to hang/crash if I opened too many programs at the same time (which unfortunately I need to do when I’m translating). So please bear with the slow translation.

As always, thank you all for your support. It’s a big motivation for me!



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