News – 10.08.15

News update:

  1. First of all, just to inform you that a TLT chapter will still be released in a while after this news. And just a warning, today’s news will be quite a long one. But, I assure you, it will benefit you in some way.
  2. So, I survived in releasing 4 TLT chapters and 2 ALBT chapters last week. Congratulations to me LOL… Anyway, reviewing my activities during last week, I noticed that my time management is still not efficient. Logically, calculating my time, there shouldn’t have been any problem for me in adding one ALBT chapters weekly, but it turned out that it did affect my schedule. Plus, to be honest, I did slack off a bit last week since I found an interesting translation: Terror Infinity and some Zombies novel (Zombies genre is my favorite genre) and couldn’t stop reading it. So, it did consume one whole day of my time :(. Nevertheless, I gain more confidence that I would be able to release those chapters regularly and consistently in the future.
  3. Many of you might be wondering the purpose of my poll. Well, to tell you the truth, the main reason I pull up the poll was that I kind of feel guilty not asking your opinion before adding the ALBT chapter to the weekly release schedule, which had created quite a debate last week. Although I had my stats to back my decision, but just to make sure, I did the polling. And the result is quite obvious. The majority voted for ALBT with an over three to one proportion. Even though the poll result will not have an immediate impact (I’m sorry, but I’m not adding more ALBT chapters at the moment), but, I really do appreciate all of you who had voted for it. At least, we all know that many of you like that novel. And of course, that would be in my consideration of any decisions I make in the future.
  4. Short intermezzo before the important news. Chapter 11, 12 and 13 of ALBT (Especially chapter 12) are longer than the usual chapters, so the length of those three together is actually like having four chapters. Consider it as a bonus for all of you since you all generously have spend some time to vote 🙂
  5. Okay, now come the important one. I’m holding an event this week (and it’s valid for this week only!). Many of you are aware of the new release from LightNovels subreddit at Reddit (shown at my stats). Even if you aren’t, but I’m sure a lot of you also followed that sub-reddit. So… I;m going to make you an offer to give you a chance to win an extra chapter of ALBT.
  6. Currently, the ALBT chapters thread there will get around 25-30 up-votes.  Since you like ALBT, I’m only asking you to spend a little more time there to click the upvote button for ALBT chapters. If the discussion thread for the next two chapters (Chapter 12 and Chapter 13) both gets more than 50 upvotes, then I will give you an extra chapter of ALBT next week (Yes, it means you will get 3 ALBT chapters next week, instead of two). I’m pretty sure that my request isn’t too much for you. Hey, you don’t even need to change your sitting position to type in anything, since all you need to do is to click :D.
  7. Since I have mentioned it several times, many of you know that the reason why there are more TLT chapters is because that’s where currently the money come from (Well, since I’m translating full time now, I do need to earn something for living). Although, personally I would love to translate more ALBT chapters, but the current situation doesn’t allow me to. Especially now since I’m getting the pressure to do sponsored chapters for TLT. Considering my time, I’m confident that I can push myself to translate one or two more chapters and deliver it within 24 hours, IF there are some incentives.
  8. Like I said, personally I would love to translate more ALBT. So, I’m considering to “sacrifice” my time to do sponsored chapters for ALBT. Therefore, I’m pulling up a new poll regarding this matter (I don’t want to make any important decisions without getting your feedback first), so please do voice your opinion.
  9. IF I do the sponsored chapters, please note, to be able to deliver it, for now, I can only do a maximum two additional chapters weekly (I’m not just referring to ALBT, but TLT as well. This means, the two chapters will be either 2 ALBT chapters or 2 TLT chapters or 1 ALBT + 1 TLT chapters, depends on which queue fills up first).
  10. Please also note that the ALBT chapters are longer than TLT chapters. The average length of ALBT chapters is about 2,500 characters, and the average length of TLT chapters is only about 2,000 characters (from what I read at WW, Ren mentioned that CD chapters are about 3,500 characters long).
  11. I will not adjust the rate depending on how long each chapters are. So, if there are unusually long chapters, I won’t break the chapters into more parts, or ask for a higher rate for that chapter. It will be just a bonus for you. 🙂
  12. And don’t worry if you’re not interested or you can’t donate. The regular weekly chapters will NOT be reduced. No matter what, there will be 4 TLT chapters + 2 ALBT chapters weekly for free.
  13. Oh, and one last thing. I’ll try to release the chapters like this: Monday: TLT – Tuesday: TLT – Wednesday: ALBT – Thursday: TLT – Friday/Saturday: TLT – Saturday/Sunday: ALBT. Although I can’t make a guarantee yet for the fixed schedule, I’ll try to do that.


Thanks for reading this and being a loyal reader to my translations.

As always, your support is my motivation. Thank you all.

3 thoughts on “News – 10.08.15

  1. tenshi_kun

    is the title of zombie that you’re talking about is God and Devil World?
    Btw Thanks for your hard work~
    Can’t wait for more ALBT ^^

    1. Lingson Post author

      Ouch, I totally forgot the titles of the zombie novel. I just read the chapters. Hopefully I did bookmark them. I only remember those were Japanese light novel. I’ll check it later and when I find the title, I will inform you. Going to hit the bed soon 🙂

      No, it’s not God and Devil World. Although, the story seems interesting, but I stop reading the translation after the second chapter. I really don’t want to say bad things about fellow translators, but I’m sorry, it’s quite uncomfortable to read the translations. Even though it’s still more understandable than machine translations, but when I read a novel translation, I expect a little bit more than that.


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