News – 13.07.15

News update:

  1. Still have some matters to take care. As I said before, I’ll be moving to Germany in a few months. The reason it still take some time is because some documents aren’t ready yet. And it’s going to be quite a long holiday period here next week, so I’m trying to get some things done before the long holiday.
  2. The German translation will be delayed because the one who’s going to do it is Madam Lingson, and she won’t have any time at all during this week. So…
  3. The release schedule for this week: 4 TLT chapters, 1 ALBT chapters, 4 TLT (Indonesian) chapters, and 1 CD (Indonesian) chapter (I won’t put a progress bar for the Indonesian chapters).
  4. Yes, I will be translating CD into Indonesian. I’ve gotten the permission from RWX to do it. And since currently he only wants to post English translation in WW, so the Indonesian CD chapters will be published here. The schedule, unfortunately, will be only 1 chapter per week. The CD chapters are really very long, and although I don’t have any difficulties in translating it from English to Indonesian, but it really take a lot of time to do it. Ren, if you somehow read this post, I give you the utmost salute. You have really mastered the Profound Truth of Speed. Just FYI, my typing speed is excellent as I’m typing blind (Once, when I had a secretary at work, my typing speed even exceed hers LOL).
  5. I’m getting more and more into the rhythm of full time translating. In a few weeks, there will be really an increase of the weekly chapters release. Not sure yet if it’s gonna be an additional TLT or ALBT. But, one of them for sure.

Thanks for reading this and being a loyal reader to my translations. Once again, I’m sorry that some things have to be taken care this week.

As always, your support is my motivation (Especially when the support is in the form of donation) 🙂 Thank you all.

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    1. Lingson Post author

      Yeah, I know.. I have been living there in the past.

      I used to live in Mannheim, but my dream location is actually Bad Honnef, very beautiful there.

      Which city are you from, Varler?


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