News – 13.09.15

News update:

  1. I just noticed that the site was down for almost 12 hours. I’ve contacted the support from my hosting company, and they have fixed it (well, otherwise, you won’t be reading this), although they claimed that they have no idea what have caused the problem at first place. When this happen, I was already gone, and I just came back home not long ago. Thus, the long down time.
  2. Nothing worked as planned this week. I have tried to push everything to this week so next week I can get back to translate as normal again. But, some new problems showed up with my documents and I will still need to go back and forth to take care about it. And to add things to that, yesterday (Saturday), some emergencies happen that had ruined my plan to do translation during this weekend. So, it turned out that the following week, things will get even more crazy here.
  3. Because of that, I can make any guarantees at all. So, instead of giving some false hope since I can’t predict anything regarding the situation, I’ll be on hiatus for a week.
  4. I did manage to finish translate a chapter of ALBT, but since I translated it late, it’s currently still being edited by Deathblade. Once the edit is finish, I will post it. So, that would be the only guaranteed chapter I can give you for next week.
  5. I hope after next week, everything will be back to normal. To tell the truth, all this thing had really exhausted me to the extent. And it’s giving me a dilemma; I really need the funds from sponsored chapters, but I can’t do any at the moment.

Anyway, thanks for reading this and being a loyal reader to my translations.

As always, your support is my motivation. Thank you all.

6 thoughts on “News – 13.09.15

  1. Varler

    Good luck with everything! Sad about the hiatus, but it’s more important for you to get everything going well than for us leechers to get more free chapters.

  2. Lehman

    Don’t worry about rushing to get chapters out. As long as we get quality translations I’m happy. Thanks for all your hard work and Good Luck


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