News – 14.06.15

News update:

It’s only be a quick notice this time:

  1. Next week release’s schedule would be 4 chapters for TLT.
  2. As for ALBT, I was planning on releasing the chapter 2 during this weekend. But I got a migrain attack today for the whole day, so I just finished translating it, and sent it to Deathblade for editing. Just so you know, he is also quite busy especially during weekends. So whether it can be released tomorrow or on Monday, depends on when he would have time for it since I don’t want to rush him about this. We all have priorities in RL, so please respect it. But I will be able to prepare the Chapter 3, so the Chapter 3 would definitely be released during next week.
  3. I’m getting more and more a better rhythm for the translation and I really hope that I could release 5 TLT chapters and 2 ALBT chapters each week. Hopefully in a month or so, this would be achievable.

Thanks for reading this and being a loyal reader to this novel. Your support is my motivation. Thank you all.

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