April 16, 2015

New updates!

  • This site will soon move to a new place:
    • As I have mentioned previously, last time I was preparing to get a new hosting for this site. I have already settled for Arvixe, and I’m currently preparing for the site’s migration. The reason I’m moving to a self hosted site was for more flexibility. is limiting the users too much, and by moving I will be able to use plugins that aren’t available here.
    • So, some of you might have noticed that I’ve disabled the commenting on the chapter posts. This is part of the things I’m preparing for the migration. If things goes well, by tomorrow the migration process should be finish. Then I can continue on translating chapter 6. Yeah!!!
    • I have also disabled the Subsciption/Following part on this site. From what I’ve learned, I will be able to transfer the current followers from this site to the new site. But whether it will be just as the same as how it is here, or it will be different, to tell the truth, I don’t know either.
    • The new site is currently already online, with more or less the same feel and look with this one, plus some additional new things. And as long the moving process is not finish, all new posts (notices, news, etc) will be posted here. No worries! But if you haven’t subscribe and wish to do it, you can subscribe there directly so you will get notification when I post new chapters.
    • If you experience some problems there, or perhaps the loading takes too long, or anything annoying, please kindly inform me so I can try to work it out.
  • As for the next chapter:
    • I think the translation should be done by Sunday the latest.
    • After chapter 6 is done, please also allow me few days to edit chapter 3 to 5/6 before I later on continue the translation of chapter 7.
    • Starting next week, I should be able to translate at least 2 chapters again each week. I really hope so! 😀
  • And regarding the other non-translation projects that I was doing (also mentioned on previous news), it turns out that it would take much longer time than expected. Therefore, I will be doing it more relaxed and parallel with the translations, so it shouldn’t affect the translation pace.

That’s all folks. Thanks for reading this news 🙂 and thank you all for your supports.