News – 17.04.15

First of all, welcome to my new site 🙂

After several days working on the migration process, It’s finally done. Hopefully I didn’t left out anything, and this new server has no problems at all. The old site would still be running (without post updates) for backup purpose, just in case something goes wrong here. Please leave me a note if there are things that bother you, or you have any idea for improvement. Thank you!

I’ve changed the format of the chapter post using tabs, so I can put additional translation information in the post without cluttering the chapter too much. What do you think about it? Would you prefer the post without tabs?

Regarding the translation of the next chapter, since I’m done with the migration process, I will start doing the translation again today. The tweaking of this site can be done slowly and little by little, without affecting the translation pace. So, you can expect the next chapter to be released on this week Saturday or Sunday!

That would be all for now. Thanks for your support. As always, your support fuels my motivation.


3 thoughts on “News – 17.04.15

  1. DarkPresent


    First thanks for translating this series, seems great so far 😀

    Second I am having some issues with site, not sure what it is :/
    According to aho-updates there are already chapter 6,7,8 translated here, but I can’t see any newer posts than the one I am commenting to now… Tried clearing cache of my browser, also done ctrl+shift+r reloads of site, not helping.

    Could it be that new chapters are somwhere else?

    1. Lingson Post author

      Thank you for the info.

      Strange, since the latest post should always show at the home page. Just FYI, the chapter itself are not posts, but they are pages instead, so they won’t show on the homepage. Only the chapter release announcement. But you could always click at the link on the announcement.

      Or you could point your mouse on the top menu “Virtual World: The Legendary Thief” and a drop down menu would appear with the chapters index and the edited MT chapters index.

      For chapter 7 to 10 (currently still chapter 9) links, they are at the edited MT page, since these chapters are suppose to be sample pages, so the readers could see whether they would be satisfied with the edited MT method translations quality or they would want manual translations. After this weekend then I would put them all together again in one index page.

      I hope you could find it then. If not, please drop me a note again.

      Are there any other reader experiencing the same thing?


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