News – 20.07.15

News update:

  1. I thought the documents were ready last week, but they gave me the wrong form to fill at the Embassy, so I had to go back there today for it. And I’m going to celebrate my father’s birthday tomorrow. So, this week, it’s on Wednesday that I can start translating and releasing the next chapters. Please wait until then. But everything will still be on schedule for the week.
  2. As for the Indonesian translation, there won’t be a fix. a) I’m not the one translating it (TLT), so I can’t guarantee anything. b) While I’m doing the Indonesian translation for CD, but since it’s a side project, I will give priorities to fulfill the English chapters first.
  3. The release schedule for this week are still the same: 4 TLT chapters, 1 ALBT chapters.
  4. From your inputs, some asked me to focus on ALBT instead of TLT, some asked me to drop the Indonesian translation for CD, some asked for more TLT chapters. So, here are a few things from my side:
  5. Many of you knows the reason I can translate full time right now is because of the misfortune at my workplace before, so basically, I don’t have any other income except from translating. And right now, the one that is supporting me is TLT. Therefore, I can’t switch priorities between TLT and ALBT. TLT is giving me income, and ALBT not. Even if I personally would like to focus more on ALBT, but the situation won’t allow me to. Besides, until I can guarantee a sponsored chapter, I can’t/won’t offer sponsored chapters yet.
  6. I’m doing the Indonesian translation for CD only in betweens, when I have only small gaps in my schedule, so it’s not really disturbing or holding me back from translating the English chapters. It can sometimes be a bit stressful if I keep seeing (aka translating) TLT or ALBT only. So, it’s just for a change from time to time to keep me from getting burned out. Besides, I’m not used to do this translating work and still am trying to push myself to the limit. I know you know that we all want to get more chapter release instead of just the 4+1 chapters 🙂 so, I’m trying to train my brain for more work. Maybe it’s because of the small monitor, or maybe it’s because I’m not used to it yet, but I can’t bear to sit in front of the computer for a long time like in the past (I used to sit in front of the computer for the whole day without problems). By pushing myself to the limit with various things, I was hoping to get use to this faster.
  7. So, I’m not dropping Indonesian’s CD translation, but instead, only not guaranteeing a weekly release of it.

Thanks for reading this and being a loyal reader to my translations.

As always, your support is my motivation (Especially when the support is in the form of donation) 🙂 Thank you all.

6 thoughts on “News – 20.07.15

  1. Varler

    I’m just a poor college student, so the only support I can give is verbal. But even so, I appreciate all the work you’re doing. Good luck sorting things in your own life out.

    1. Lingson Post author

      Thank you all.. Even the support is through your words, but reading all your comments in my post is already giving me the spirit to do more. Sometimes when I wake up in the morning and read some funny comments, it really has already make my day and give me the excitement to do this.

      So, once again, thank you all for your comments and support.


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