News – 21.05.15

News update:

A warning though, the news aren’t nice ones.

  1. It’s school test season at the moment and I can’t ignore the kids, so I will be busy teaching, at least until the end of next week. So I would need to reduce next week release to only 3 regular chapters. Besides, I need to switch my mind somewhere else to refresh myself a little, otherwise I might get burnt doing the translations.
  2. This week regular chapter will also be reduced to 4 chapters, but to compensate for the fifth chapter, I will put up some glossaries instead (Glossary of the characters, missions, equipment, etc).
  3. The last bad news: Today’s chapter will also be delayed. I will try to finish it tonight (which would still need 4-5 hours from now, and it would be 03:00 – 04:00 in the morning here) if I can still keep my eyes open, else it will then be finished tomorrow around noon.
  4. Now the good news. In two weeks, most students will have finished their tests already so I should be able to get back to the 5 regular chapters weekly again then.
  5. After their tests are done, it will be holiday season, so I would take a leave from my work in June (also because my daughter will come home from her study abroad for holiday), so there shouldn’t be problems for me to keep that pace.
  6. The most annoying thing for a reader would be if the translator quit translating a story, and I am determined to finish this story. So to keep me from getting burnt translating this story, I would need to slow down a bit to refresh myself. Especially since this translating stuff is a new thing for me, I still need to find the best rhythm for me as I actually like doing this, and might consider switching my career to do this translation as long I can live from it.
  7. As for the problem with the website, I’m still actively looking for a solution. I might be switching hosting provider in a week or two. Hopefully the situation would be better then (Just FYI, this site gets around 1500-2000 daily visitors with 5k-10k daily page views.). So for now, please bear with it. To handle higher traffic, I would need a better hosting package/provider that would cost more money which currently I can’t afford. And I don’t have any experience with handling high traffics website, so I’m also still learning by trial and error.

Still I thank you all for being loyal reader of my translation. Without your support, this site wouldn’t have grown to this point. So, thank you all.

3 thoughts on “News – 21.05.15

  1. asriu

    No problem as long as this series not dropped ( I just one of random lecher here), well continously working on same thing for long time will tire your mind sooner or later so it’s normal to get refresher once a while just tell it so we (reader) know about it. Maybe you can get some cookies :3

    good luck on your work!


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