News – 23.12.15

News update:

  1. First of all, I wish a happy holiday to you all.
  2. Although I have explained in the TLT post before, but I forgot that not all ALBT readers also read TLT. Sorry, my mistake. So I made this post to clarify things.
  3. Some of you might already read it from the TLT post. Because of the non-ending problems last time, I didn’t have time to translate, or even spend some time with my laptop. That’s why there was such a long vacant last time.
  4. As you know, currently, the money for me still comes from TLT, and I was behind quota because of the long vacant, so I’m currently focusing on TLT for a while. This way, I can have some reserve chapters for TLT so I can continue doing ALBT too.
  5. Regarding ALBT, I’m still translating it, but I will put it on hiatus/pause for now, and continue to do it later on after new year.
  6. To avoid situation like last time to happen again, I’m lowering the regular release of TLT to 3 (three) chapters a week.
  7. As for ALBT, I will try to do the release like before, which was 2 regular chapters a week, but in the worst case, it will be 1 chapter during the week.
  8. Even though after the long silence, so many of you still encourage me with such nice words when I posted TLT again last time. I really really appreciate that. It really gave me a lot of encouragement. Thank you again for all the support.

Hopefully this will clarify things and answer your questions. Thank you guys.

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