News – 24.08.15

News update:

  1. I survived releasing 4 TLT chapters and 2 ALBT chapters for several weeks already. So, there will be no change in that for the guaranteed weekly chapters in the future. I’ll try my best to stick to the daily schedule (Which is Monday: TLTTuesday: TLTWednesday: ALBTThursday: TLTFriday/Saturday: TLTSaturday/Sunday: ALBT). If things happen in RL, the daily schedule might get messed up, but the total chapters in that week would not change.
  2. Now, regarding the sponsored chapter for ALBT. As you may have noticed already, I’ve closed the poll now. The final results are:
    1. The rate is a bit too low: 9 votes
    2. The rate is reasonable: 39 votes
    3. Please lower it a bit: 72 votes
    4. The rate is way too high: 44 votes
    5. Not interested: 24 votes
  3. So, there are a total of 188 votes. And, as a math geek, I run the votes into numbers and to put your votes into my consideration also, so, for now, I decided to put a rate of $50 per chapters for the sponsored chapters (If you’re interested to know how I run the numbers to get that rate, let me know and I will post an extra post to explain that. But basically, it’s just calculating averages).
  4. Originally, like I mentioned last time, I planned to do 2 sponsored chapters weekly and within 24 hours after the queue is full, starting this week. However, considering several things (my illness last week, my activities to take care of my documents, and also the time needed for Deathblade to edit the chapters), there will be some adjustments to the situation:
    1. I can’t guarantee the chapter within 24 hours (I can’t even guarantee a 48 hours release as to ensure the translation and writing quality, I will need to wait until the chapter is edited). Instead, I can only make a guarantee that it will be released during the week. If there’s one sponsored chapter, then I will try to fill it on Friday/Saturday before the release of the regular chapter on Sunday. And if there’re two sponsored chapters during the week, then I will release the other chapter sometime during the week.
    2. The queue for the running week will be closed on Friday evening, then I will have enough time to ensure the release during the weekend (Otherwise, someone might come up with the idea to donate on Sunday evening and demand it to be released on that day since I promised to release it during the week… LOL). So, the queue will run from Saturday until the next Friday.
    3. During last week event, instead of both thread, only one thread on Reddit managed to get over 50 up votes (The event is already closed, by the way). I don’t want your effort to be in vain. That’s why, for the first sponsored chapter, with that in consideration, I will cut the rate into half, so it will only be $25.
    4. Under normal circumstances, as originally planned, there will be 2 sponsored chapters weekly. But if there are things that come up, I will inform you in advance. I will also add another information on the sidebar for the number of maximum weekly sponsored chapters for the running week.
    5. For this week only, I will open the donation queue for only one sponsored chapter (and since it will be the first sponsored chapter, like I said in point C, the rate for it will be $25). If things change, and I don’t need that much time for taking care of my documents, I might be able to do two chapters instead of one. If that happens, then I will inform you.
    6. As I also mentioned last time, the maximum number of sponsored chapters will count for both ALBT and TLT chapters (if/when I accept sponsored chapters for TLT later on).
    7. I will make adjustment and update the donation page and also put this information on that page.
    8. Remember, you are not obligated to donate if you don’t want to. You will still get two regular chapters nevertheless.
  5. The first weekly TLT chapter will still come out later on tonight.


Thanks for reading this and being a loyal reader to my translations.

As always, your support is my motivation. Thank you all.

P.S. If I missed anything, or there are things that are unclear, don’t hesitate to ask.

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