News – 27.04.15

New updates:

1. As promised, chapter 7 – 10 was published last week, serving as sample chapters of the new method I’m using. During weekend, I’ve been reviewing things and also modifying the site a little (on the back end side).

2. The poll to vote for the translation method is closed with 111 voters. The result was obvious: option C (Semi Combined) gets the most votes with 62 votes (56%), followed by option B (edited MT) with 31 votes (28%), and last, option A (Manual) with 18 votes (16%).

My conclusion from this result: The readers want a fast enough translation, balanced with some good translation quality.

The problem is:  I can’t do as I described in my methods before. In the end, I cross checked every paragraph with the original Chinese text. Thus, the time needed to translate a chapter increased significantly. But fortunately, the time needed was still tolerable, that I can still do the translation with all my daily activities in RL.

So I have to modify the final method that I’m going to use from now on. Don’t worry, I’m quite confident that this method would still satisfy all voters. You can read the detail explanation of the final method in ‘Translation Method and Version’.

3. This would be the scheduling that I set for now: Monday to Friday I will translate one chapter, and during weekend I will do some editing and working on my site. Depends on my RL activities on weekends, if I have spare times, I might add another chapter. But please don’t count on it!

4. I;m tired of waiting for ‘The Alchemist God’ (TAG). I liked the story and I’ve also been translating it personally before while I was waiting for their release, that I always feel like that was my first project instead of The Legendary Thief. So I’m planning to continue the translations of it.

Some people were suggesting that Gravity Translation should collaborate with others who wants to translate it. Since they don’t respond to other offers, I get the feelings that their standing is something like ‘Whether you join my team, or I will consider you my competitor’. I don’t know, maybe it was just my assumptions. And I don’t care either. Like I said, I’m tired of waiting. Anyway, my translation method is different with theirs. So it would be up to you which version you want to read.

Will it affect the translation of ‘The Legendary Thief’ (TLT)? Unfortunately, Yes. TAG’s chapters are almost two times longer than TLT’s. So, translating one TAG chapter would be like translating two chapters of TLT.

Since it will have some impact on you, I’m putting up another poll so you can give me feedback about what you want.

As I mentioned above, if I’m only translating TLT, the schedule would be 5 chapters release during weekdays. And if I’m also translating TAG, the schedule would be 3 chapters of TLT + 1 chapter of TAG each week. So, give me your feedback please.

Should I Translate The Alchemist God (TAG)?

  • No = 5 Chapters of TLT (61%, 172 Votes)
  • Yes = 1 TAG + 3 TLT (39%, 108 Votes)

Total Voters: 280

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6 thoughts on “News – 27.04.15

  1. Inspiration

    Can’t vote on my mobile.. I’ve been waiting for gravitytranslation’s TAG release forever and it’s getting much too tiring to wait. Seems like they’re not willing to drop the project for some reason either? Therefore… 1 TAG + 3 TLT please 🙂

  2. Kulashaker

    Dear lingson, thunderhill at already translated TAG. But i’m not sure if TAG is his main project. Maybe you can contact him.

    1. Lingson Post author

      Thank you. I just left him a message. I couldn’t find his contact info on his site. Hopefully he would contact me back.

      1. Lingson Post author

        No problems. Like I said, I already tried to contact the translator. Hopefully we can collaborate for the TAG translation.


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