News – 28.07.15

News update:

  1. Finally the documents were ready and now is being processed. So, during this process time (which according to them might take months, oh my, I really hope it wouldn’t take that long), I can translate quietly.
  2. The planned release schedule for this week was: 5 TLT chapters and 1 ALBT chapter. Well, I said ‘planned’ because the second book of TLT ends at chapter 71, so instead to wait until next week for that last chapter, I wanted to squeeze it in this week release. But, since Sunday, I really feel unmotivated to do anything (yes, anything, not just translating), and feel like just wanting to lie down doing nothing. I don’t know if it’s because of the weather that has been so hot lately, or that I just experience a burn out. The best thing would of course be if I could just freeze the time, and rest until I feel like the energy is back LOL… Well, anyway, in the worst case, the released chapters for this week would be the usual 4 + 1 chapters. But, I’ll try to get the fifth one out. This second book of TLT is quite boring for me, and the fun will begin with the third, so I just want to get there ASAP.
  3. Because of this ‘unmotivated’ state I’m currently in, you might notice no Indonesian chapters were released last week. Well, I’ll try to cover for it during this week. Hopefully, I’ll get my energy back soon.
  4. I really hope this ‘energy’ would come back soon, because starting next week, I actually planned to push my limit further and give you more releases. In one way, it’s to push me to do more, and also because during my move to Germany later, there would definitely be times where there are many delays in the releasing. So, to compensate for those coming days, I wanted to give you more first instead. My current target is to be able to release 5 TLT and 2 ALBT chapters each week, and I won’t stop until I succeed :).
  5. My daughter already bought that laptop and sent me the picture of it, but I’m still too ‘lazy’ to post it. Nevertheless, my daughter would also say her thanks to all the donaturs that have made it possible for her to buy it. She was really so happy. And as a father, I was also really happy to see her like that (I guess only those who already have their own children would really understand how I felt). I’ll post the pictures soon.

Thanks for reading this and being a loyal reader to my translations.

As always, your support is my motivation. Please spend a few second of your times to comment on my posts. It really add the fuel to my motivation. Thank you all.

8 thoughts on “News – 28.07.15

    1. Lingson Post author

      I tried, but then I would get stressed by the guilt of having wasted the time. Even if I don’t feel like doing anything, but I feel burdened in the mind because I know there are things that need to be finish.

  1. Alex

    Remember , 2 ALBT… good luck… u can decrease the tlt translation too… Thanks for ur hard work until now!!

  2. frfr

    I wish that was 5 ABT & 1 TLT instead ._.

    Thanks for the hard work, but burning out is bad, mmkay? Pushing yourself without any motivation is quite stressing ._.

  3. Little big pea

    You! Now, I want a daughter just to see her happy face >n<
    Well, courage with your schedule! (Sunday was the day of laziness, even God went lazy that day…)


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