News – 29.04.16 – Updates on… a lot of things!

News update:

  1. First of all, sorry to have kept you all in the dark without any updates for quite a while.
  2. Basically, my hands are still quite full with many matters, but I try to do everything in my spare time.
  3. Regarding the Novel Rankings: I’m trying my best to automate things with the charts. When everything is done, I won’t need much time with that and can give more time for translations. But in the meantime, I want to finish the scripts first because of other matter regarding TLT and ALBT too (which I explain below).
  4. Yes, it’s true that because of doing Novel Rankings, I neglected my translations, but this is also done for the long run. Things could have been faster done if only the hosting service provides better things. The applications they provide are so old and limited, that I have problems in implementing the scripts that I have prepared in my computer to run on the server. How old? Consider this example: how would you respond if one of your friends/relatives are still using computers using a Windows 98? Yeah, I’m talking about that old in comparison. They use application with version so old, that actually I don’t think anyone is still using them. Plus, the libraries they provide are so limited, that I have to work around for almost every little thing (Even stranger, the hosting provides database, but no libraries to connect with it from the application, which really pisses me like hell. And I have to do it locally in my computer, then later manually import it at the server). So I have no other choice but to learn other programming language that are more supported by the server and then combining the process. If it wasn’t for this, I would have finished doing this weeks ago.
  5. However, I’m almost done with those things. I’ve manage to solve the problems with each part. Now, I only need to put it all together as one big complete part.
  6. And while I was trying to do all those things, I’ve actually learned a lot of new things that will benefit everyone in the long run. I will also implement the new things here at Lingson Translation some day.
  7. Now, regarding TLT: There’s some complication with TN, and I’m planning to move TLT back to my site. So, there might still be some delay before I post the new chapters.
  8. Regarding ALBT: currently Deathblade is really busy with his translations (thus, also resulted in the late release of the weekly charts in NovelRankings), and since he’s editing ALBT (more than just editing actually. He also help me with the wording especially with the fighting scenes), I don’t want to push him too much with ALBT, and since I’m currently also focusing on NovelRankings, thus, the delay.
  9. No promises, but I’ll post some new chapters in May. It will be until I have finally moved to Germany before I can really translate and release regularly. There are so many unknown and disturbing factors while I’m still here. As you also know, I’m planning to get a Master degree later in Germany for being a teacher. So, I’m also currently preparing applications for the university. In addition to that, the internet connection here is getting worse and worse, and it won’t make any sense to switch provider now that I will already be leaving for Germany in a few months from now.
  10. Last but not least, I will post a new publication at Lingson Translation. However, this new publication is not really a translation, but an original work by my 17 years old daughter. Is it good? Honestly, I can’t answer that (not because I don’t want to since she’s my daughter) because I also don’t know how the story will evolves. But I can say for sure, that grammatically, it’s very well written and should be really easy to understand for everyone. And I really think that she’s talented in the field, only lack for experience (well, this is her father speaking LOL). The genre of this work is Fantasy/Sci-fy. Comments for her would be greatly appreciated to help her improve her work. The title is “The Tales of New Earth” and the pace will be about 1-2 chapters weekly. I will publish it in a day or two.

Thank you guys for listening to my rambling and being patience with my delay.

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