Qidian Novels Ranking

Finally, the long planned project has borne its fruit. I started this project almost a year ago, back in April 2015, but failed to complete it due to problems with the scripting. And because of my works at that time, the project became halted and forgotten. Due to my health issue lately that I can’t do much translations, I was finally able to revive this project and successfully solved the problems I encountered before.

These rankings are provided by me (Lingson) and Deathblade.

There are 4 types of ranking list that will be of our interest for now, so these are the ones that will be posted:

There will be weekly, monthly, and All Time period available for the rankings.

This rankings are not perfect and there are still many things to do:

  • Providing the translated title for already translated novels
  • Providing the translated title for the not yet translated novels
  • Adjusting the number of titles listed if needed (based on reader’s interest)
  • Getting the novel rankings from other sites as well (like 17k.com and others)
  • Other things that I haven’t think of yet, which you can help by asking/advising.


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