Fellow readers,

As you all know, currently I’m working solo doing the translations for new chapters. And honestly, with all the current problems in RL, I’m on the edge to break apart. But I really don’t want to leave this wonderful world of novel translation, where there are still so many interesting Chinese novels out there that could be translated and shared with all of you.

Of course, if there were a perfect translation tool that can translate any text perfectly into any language, that would be an ideal situation. Unfortunately, there are no such tools (yet).

And from the site stats published recently, there are quite many visitors that come here, so I really think that this site has a good growing chance. And I realized, it would not be possible for me to do this all by myself if I want to speed up things (It might even be difficult to maintain the current pace). So to expand this site, and to give the readers more chapters with better quality, I would like to invite anyone of you who would be interested to join this team, so we can all give the most to our readers.

By the way, one person (‘Sac‘) has already joined the team to edit the published chapters. Please everyone welcome him to the team. We’ll see the changes in those chapters in a few days.

So, if you would like to contribute to our efforts and join us as a team member in any capacity, please read on. 🙂

Here are some descriptions of the roles currently in dire need.

Translators: Translates the novel from Chinese to English. Should be able to read and translate directly from Chinese to English (not using MTs). No need to be a grammar expert, as the translations will be proofread and edited by others.

Proofreaders/Editors: For now, there are no strict requirement. Anyone interested to do this could join the team. Good English skills and having prior experiences would be super for the team contributions.

Others: If you would help us in any other way (like maintaining the glossaries, moderating a thread in a forum, etc) mentioned or not mentioned. Just let me know if you have any suggestions.

For any roles above, there is but one important requirement: Time. You should have the free time. Just let us know how much time you are willing to dedicate for the project. Don’t let this activity ruin your day-to-day life. I’m saying this from my own experience :).

So guys, don’t hesitate to join us. Just send us a note using the form box below. Thank you all.

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