Special Announcement – 1st Anniversary & Others

Hey guys,

I’m sorry I have to disappoint you with still no TLT or ALBT chapters coming. I will still be busy for this coming week, but I think it should be finish by next week. So, consider this a notice from me in case you are all wondering when the next chapter is going to come. Please be patient.

However, I have some announcement for you:

First, today is the one year anniversary of this site. One year ago, on April 2nd 2015, this site was officially launched for Lingson Translation. And during this one year, although I’ve had many setbacks, but I counted that I have released 155 TLT chapters and 43 ALBT chapters, totalling 198 chapters altogether. I know, compared to other translators, it’s not really a lot, but in average, it’s about 1 chapter every 2 days. WHICH, I plan to do more during this second year.

Secondly,some of you might be wondering if I’m going to continue with the novel rankings, because there hasn’t been any updates lately too. And if you are following posts on WW, you might also notice that Deathblade also post novel rankings on a weekly base, differentiating the type of ranking he posted. And perhaps you also noticed that he mentioned my name too on those posts, that’s because Deathblade and I are working together on that project.

And even with all the busy schedule I’ve had during these two weeks, I manage to do something regarding this novel ranking stuffs. This project of Deathblade and I, we decided to put it on its own site. So, with the timing of this 1st Anniversary of Lingson Translation, I proudly present to you a new site where you can look for Chinese novel rankings: NovelRankings.com

Are there any difference between the posts on WW and NovelRankings.com? Yes, in a small way.

  • WW will currently still get priority, so for the charts that are going to be released on that week on WW, it will be posted there first (well, currently, WW has more readership, so it’s only logical that WW gets its exclusiveness). But, those charts will also still be available on NovelRankings.com afterward.
  • The charts on NovelRankings.com will be more complete and have more titles in the list compared to the post in WW. However, because the list in WW is shorter, all the Chinese titles in the list posted on WW will already be translated, while the list on NovelRankings.com will still have titles only in their Pinyin (those untranslated titles will be translated eventually).
  • One and the most important difference between the post on WW and NovelRankings.com is that the charts on NovelRankings.com will have an extra column to display their ranking change compared to their previous position (of course, this only applies to the charts that already have a previous period chart, for example: the Trending Ranking). I can proudly say that even the original charts on Qidian didn’t have this feature on their chart. With this, you can easily see how quickly a novel rise or fall during that period (which of course, you can check manually were this feature not available), so it kind of shows how its popularity moves.

One of the purpose of providing the rankings to you is in the hope that it will give you ideas of what novel will be interesting to translate or read, whether you’re a translator already, translator wannabe, or just a reader who loves Chinese novels.

So, in complement with that purpose, lastly, the final announcement is that I’m providing a new “Raw-Providing Service”. In short, I’m offering my service to provide you the raws in bulk. More details, you can read it in the “Service” section from the menu or by clicking here.

I won’t say anything else anymore, and without further delay please go check the new site:


P.S. For all of you who have left me a message to help me with editing or proofreading, I really appreciate your offer. But because of all this documents thing that I’m currently trying to finish, it will be still a while before I get back to translating. So, it will also be a while before I can reply to it.

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