The Legendary Thief – Glossaries

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  • Xu Lin – the Boss, owner of the foot-massage center where Lin Fan worked.
  • Lu Xue Han – Xu Lin’s employee, the genuine foot-massage expert.
  • Lin Fan – Main character of the novel.
  • Xin Yu – one of Xu Lin’s Ladies, the flirty with the big breast, literally means Happy Rain.
  • Li Qing – one of Xu Lin’s Ladies, the ones making big noise when with a customer.
  • Liu Yun – one of Xu Lin’s Ladies, the quiet and introverted.
  • Guo Zi – one of Xu Lin’s Ladies.
  • Ye Qiu – Lin Fan’s close friend in the past, his former teammate.
  • Shan Shan – Lin Fan’s first customer, bought the level 4 green sword in Chapter 16.
  • Cocoa – Shan Shan’s roommate.
  • Yu Yang – probably real name of Mad Warrior based on Shan Shan’s friend discussion in KFC.

  • Qing Cai Baiyu Tang (Tofu Soup) – Lin Fan
  • Qing Cai You Huo (Temptation) – Xin Yu
  • Qing Cai Keke (Cocoa) – Lu Xue Han
  • Murong Shan Shan
  • Mad Warrior – at first he was Hurricane City’s Rank #1 player.

[Damaged Coat] (White equipment) – Chapter 6
Defense: 2

[Damaged Leg Armor] (White equipment) – Chapter 6
Defense: 1

[Damaged Short Sword] (White equipment) – Chapter 6
Attack: 1-2

[Soldier’s Armor] (Green equipment)
Defense: 22
Stamina: +4
Strength: +3
Required Level: 8

[Wolf Tail’s Long Bow] (Green equipment) – Chapter 13
Attack: 18-32
Stamina: +6
Agility: +4
Required Level: 10

[Pine Forest Claymore] (Green equipment) – Chapter 14
Attack: 24-45
Strength: +8
Stamina: +7
Required Level: 12

[Agile Bracer] (Green equipment) – Chapter 14
Defense: 14
Health: +50
Agility: +6
Intelligence: +5
Required Level: 12

[Wizard’s Wand] (Green equipment) – Chapter 18
Magic Attack: 8-15
Intelligence: +7
Stamina: +3
Required Level: 8

[Ring of Treatment] (Green equipment) – Chapter 18
Intelligence: +5
Stamina: +1
Additional: Improve treatment effect up to 5 points.
Required Level: 7

[Agile Protector] (Leather Armor – Green equipment) – Chapter 23
Defense: 18
Agility: +8
Stamina: +7
Additional: Increase 1% of damage caused by long range attacks.

[Flame Blast](Spell Book) – Chapter 23
Description: Magician will learn a group attack skill.

[Undertaker’s Ring] (Blue equipment) – Chapter 30
Strength: +15
Stamina: +12
Agility: +16
Special Effect: While wearing this ring, when you attack, you will absorb 3% of the damage dealt to restore your health.
Required Level: 20

<Mission: Bloody Counter Attack> – Chapter 7 – Status: Completed (Chapter 12)

Mission Statement: Help the village chief. Exterminate the wolves at Wild Wolf Valley located east of the village. Bring back 50 Wolf’s Teeth to the chief! Be careful, it would be best if you find some companion to finish this task, these wolves are very fierce. Many village finest men had been bitten to death by these wolves!

<Mission: Collect Tomatoes> – Chapter 7 – Status: Completed (Chapter 12)

Mission Statement: Ahua, a villager, has planted many tomatoes on the hillside. But recently, wild wolves often appear outside the village. Please collect 10 tomatoes for Ahua.

<Mission: Defend the Village> – Chapter 7 – Status: Completed (Chapter 12)

Mission Statement: Kill 20 wild dogs outside the village. Collect their teeth and deliver them to village guard Harker!

<Mission: Ai Mi’s Last Wish> – Chapter 12 – Status: Completed (Chapter 17)

Mission Statement: Fulfill the village guard captain, Ai Mi’s last wish. Kill the wolf leader at the Wild Wolf Valley, and bring back its head to the village chief!

<Mission: Clean Up The Farm> – Chapter 18 – Status:

Mission Statement: Recently, a group of Lizardmen was causing some disturbance at Matthew’s Farm, east of Hurricane City. This caused the city border to lose plenty of its food supplies. While there was a plague in the city at the moment, most of the city’s personnel are currently dealing with the plague problem. To save the farm, I hope you can clean up the group of Lizardmen there. You need to get 50 Lizardmen’s eyes and bring it back to Roger, the city guard’s captain.

<Mission: The Healer Master’s Entrustment> – Chapter 19 – Status: Completed (Chapter 24)

Mission Statement: Help Lance the Healer to find the Dailily Grass. Dailily grass is a type of plant that grows in the neighbour montain’s valley. It is guarded by Nicholas, the exiled Beastman Shaman. Defeat Nicholas and bring the Dailily Grass to Lance.

<Mission: Rescue Princess Misha> (Red tier Mission – Unique) – Chapter 24 – Status:

Mission Statement: Help Lance, the master healer, to rescue the princess. Princess Misha was imprisoned in the basement of the Western plaque Cemetery. The priority is to ensure the safety of Princess Misha!

<Mission: The Blacksmith’s Distress> – Chapter 19 – Status:

Mission Statement: Recently, when Xiu Si the Blacksmith was forging armor for the military, he realized that he lacked an ore to complete his job. This rare copper ore can only be mined at the mountain on the east side of the city. Because of the recent epidemic in the city, the blacksmith apprentice had to help to contain the spreading of the epidemic. So currently, there is no one available to mine the ore. You need to go to the mountain and bring 20 pieces of this rare ore back. But the mining site was usually guarded by monoclaw werewolves. So you should be extra careful!