The Tales of New Earth – Chapter 001

Chapter 1

“Robin, wake up!”

I gasp. My eyes blink several times before I feel a hand pulling my arm.

“Robin! Are you okay?”

I look around. My head is spinning as I desperately look for a familiar face for help, until finally, I can see him clearly.

It takes a while before I can finally remember his name.

“Logann…” I murmured, “what happened?” I ask, trying to recall what’s going on.

Logann props me up and searches for any injuries on my limbs, back, head… “You got knocked out. They shot you with a needle. I suspect it’s a tranquilliser needle, but I’m not very sure,” he says, his eyebrows furrowing.

“Is she okay?” a voice says. I look behind Logann and notice a woman standing there, eyeing me.

“She seems fine…” Logann says after he made sure that I am not injured. “Robin, look at me – listen carefully, we don’t have much time.”

I try to concentrate on his voice as hard as I can.

“The enemy is coming, they’re going to be here soon. There are still hostages on this floor, and after we found them you’re going to lead them out. I still need to take the disc, but you and the others need to get out of the building fast. Do you understand?”

I eye the woman behind him, then glance around to observe my surrounding. A piercing pain shoots through my head as memories come flooding into my conscience.


My name is Clairanne Elizabeth Sterling


Robin Ryder.

Ten years ago I was separated from my family during a great war.

Logann’s family found me in the woods near their house and decided to take me with them.

But who is Logann…?

Logann Ryder

A young man of my age, whose family had saved my life.

My father used to be a military leader called a High General.

Because of that, a lot of the enemy’s parties have been searching for me ever since I was separated from my parents.

To avoid any danger, Logann’s family and I agreed to fake my death, and disguise me as a member of their family, “Robin Ryder”. It was so that no one would get suspicious.

Oh, and before I forget,

We are at a war.

We are on the side of the White Army.

Our enemy is the Black Army.

And this… is New Earth.

There used to be an old Earth. But, it was destroyed by a great nuclear war – World War III.

The survivors took shelter underground for centuries until the Earth became habitable again.

When they resurfaced, the land had shifted – a lot.

So they began to call it “New Earth”.

The New Earth and its people were then divided into four continents: Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Western Earth.

Now fast forwarding to the current situation, 1035 New Earth Year (N.E.)

A millennium after New Earth was born – and we are at another war.

But at this current moment…

Where am I exactly…?

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