The Tales of New Earth – Chapter 003

Chapter 3

I almost thought we would both be ignored until Hayshield called for us. “Hey, you! Outside Security! What do you think you’re doing here?” he said with his deep bass voice as he walked towards us with three of his soldiers, his big and bulk posture perfectly matched his voice.

Of course, it wouldn’t be hard for him to differentiate us from the crowd since we were the only ones wearing dark-coloured clothing as our uniforms, while all of the Inside Security Division’s soldiers wear light-coloured uniforms.

Cyrus examined us for a few seconds before asking, “Aren’t the two of you fourth year students in my training ground?”

Logann nodded, “Sir, we received a notification to come here for a mission, and now, we’re waiting for your command, sir.”

Cyrus raised his eyebrows, “Who the hell sent you the notice?”

Logann and I looked at each other for a few seconds before I took off my watch and showed him the notification Logann and I received earlier. “Well, according to my watch,” I said, “it was you, sir.”

Cyrus took the watch from my hand and frowned. “I never sent that notice to you, I sent it to my division,” he eyed us suspiciously but then shrugged, “the system must be down today.”

Logann and I looked at each other again, not knowing what to do next. But almost immediately, an Inside Security soldier approached Cyrus and whispered something in his ear.

Cyrus tsk-ed and looked at us again. “Well, since my backup soldiers are not here yet anyway, I may as well use the two of you,” he said before taking out a hologram projector — which I think kind of shaped like a doughnut — and it immediately projected the blueprint of one of the T.D.I buildings.

“Alright, listen here,” he started, “earlier today we received a report of a security breach inside T.D.I’s Central Research Building.” he said, looking at us sternly. “It’s the Black Army. We have no idea how they got in, but heading here seems to be the first thing they did. They came at approximately six a.m., no one, and literally, no one seemed to notice.

“Now, look over here. We suggest that these intruders are targeting a hard disc the Desk Command Division are working on, and here’s the tricky part: this disc is located on the very top floor of the building, which is designed in form of an indoor labyrinth,” Cyrus said as the projector projected a map of the building’s top floor, shaped like a one-fourth circle, “this is where the disc is hidden,” he continued while trailing his fingertips in circles around the far corner of the map, on the pointy end.

“What is in this disc, exactly?” I decided to ask.

Cyrus narrowed his eyes in return for my question, “It’s confidential, and frankly, it’s none of your business.” he said cautiously.

“Now your job is only to fetch the disc in the eleventh floor. The disc is currently already with my subordinate, but he and the rest of my men still need to stay inside. The rest of us can’t go either because we’re going on an offence operation soon to search and capture the intruders who are still somewhere inside the building.

“So the two of you just need to fetch the disc from him and get it out here, then you can just give it to my lieutenant here,” he said as he gestured towards a tall soldier standing behind him. “Understand?”

We nod.

“Good. Now, don’t you worry about getting there, nor meeting any enemies there. My men have secured the entire top floor as well as the elevator, so you can reach there easily using the lift. You may go up now if you’d like. Your job is very easy, but if you need anything, you can contact us anytime,” he said as he tapped on his notification watch, signaling that we could ask for any help through the watch.

Cyrus returned my watch to me before dismissing us and walking back to where he came from.

The T.D.I’s Central Research Building looked completely normal on the outside — like how it always looked like when I walk pass it. Just a tall narrow circular glass skyscraper, which outermost layer mirrored its surrounding, but once we enter the building, I couldn’t even seem to define the word normal anymore.

The information counters seemed like they had just collided with a hurricane, glasses were shattered, tables were flipped, and there were swords and axes all over the place. I was thinking that it was either the place had been looted by the enemy, or there had been a battle between Cyrus’ men and the Black Army earlier.

To make it worse, the electricity was cut, so the only source of light we could get was from the emergency light, which has the colour of bright crimson red. It was blinking every now and then.

The whole setting made me feel like I was starring in a horror movie of Black Army war or something, but in this case, it’s not a horror movie, but there were real Black Army personnel in here.

Just great.

About five Inside Security Division’s soldiers were inside the lobby, with two blocking the entrance to the lift. They shifted from their positions to let us enter.

Every elevator in Lys was run with the concept of hydraulic lift — enabling them to operate even without electricity. So, in spite of the power cut, Logann and I were still able to use the elevator. We did just as we were told and went straight to the eleventh floor.

As soon as we exited the elevators, we were greeted by rows of small thin glass rooms, only about two meters in width but differ in length, filled with five to fifteen computers.

These rooms were arranged consecutively side by side, covered by three side of glass walls on its front, left, and right side — which made its inside visible from where we were standing — and one side of a white wall on the back, which blocked the view of what was behind it. The rooms only have one entrance for each: on the glass walls to their right.

“Geez, and I thought our training ground is creepy,” Logann said, trying to decide on an entrance route to choose, which was a hard thing to do because these rooms were supposedly arranged to be a labyrinth, so if we choose the wrong route we’re going to get lost in this spooky place.

I stayed quiet before Logann chose a route of his own. We walked inside the maze, taking a few turns here and there.

After a few minutes, I started to notice something odd.

Cyrus said that the whole top floor has been secured by his men, but since we entered the room earlier we haven’t seen any Inside Security’s soldiers.

Just as I was trying to figure out where on New Earth were these soldiers, Logann froze on his track and stretched out an arm to stop me from walking.

I peeked from behind his back and immediately my jaw fell open. I stumbled back and covered my mouth to stop myself from screaming.

In front of us were three Inside Security Division’s soldiers.

All were lying on the ground.

All were… headless!

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