The Tales of New Earth – Chapter 004

Chapter 4

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I could feel my breathing turning shallow as panic rushed through me.

The Training Ground had shown me pictures of the aftermath of war — in which some gruesome photographs showcased people with missing limbs, severe burns, or other appalling deformities you can imagine.

I thought that seeing someone decapitated in real life would be as easy as looking at the photographs, but no. It was much worse. It was way more awful than that.

While I was practically hyperventilating, Logann’s expression remained as stoic as ever.

“Robin,” he called, his voice low and careful, “call Cyrus.”

I felt an implosion of adrenaline as my senses returned. Immediately, I tapped on my notification watch to dial the unit on ground level.

My fingers felt weak as I realised that something is wrong with my watch.

It won’t turn on.

I tried to press every button on it, but still the screen was off.

Logann noticed my difficulty and quickly turned to his watch.

It was also dead.

After a minute of useless attempts, he concluded, “signal jam,” and took off his watch. “Shit.”

I wasted no time to run back towards the elevator. I planned to go down to call for back up, but as I pressed the censor to open the door, I noticed that the light above the lift was off.

Meaning, the lift was also down.

Logann caught up a few seconds later and tried to pry and kick the door open, which, of course, was futile.

I turned my back on the lift and let out a deep breath as I felt myself growing faint.

“Well,” Logann said, “I think we’re stuck.”

I scoffed, “you think?” My voice, surprisingly, was firm and showed no hint of desperation.

I sank and sat on the ground, my head spinning. Too many things were happening all at once.

Logann and I remained quiet for a few minutes. None of us talked, but I was sure that both of us knew what the other was thinking about.

What the heck are we supposed to do now?

“Well,” Logann said after some time, “we might as well go inside and take a look. There’s no point just staying here.”

I stayed quiet before Logann stood up and walked towards the maze. He stopped after a few steps and motioned me to follow him.

I stood up and walked beside him.

At this point, I felt nothing. No fear, no adrenaline, nothing. I just felt tired, exhausted, and wishing that I was at home, tucked in my bed. Not here.

Logann led our way inside the maze calmly, but after a few more steps, he froze on his track and whispered, “hey Robin, I think I heard something over here.”

I moved closer towards him and tried to listen to whatever caught his attention, but I heard nothing. A chill ran through my spine as I imagined this unheard danger near me, moving closer without me noticing it.

Logann slowly walked towards what I assumed was the source of the imaginary sound he just heard.

“Oh, good idea, genius! Walk towards the sound that may or may not be a troop of Black Army that’s going to kill us!” I hissed quietly, but he took no notice and continued to walk inside.

In the end, I had no choice but to follow him.

After walking pass three rows of cubical computer rooms, Logann stopped and squatted in front of one of the rooms. I quietly followed after him, but he gave me a signal to stay where I was.

For a moment, I could feel myself shiver. I never really had an encounter with the Black Army before, and the thought of actually fighting here made me sick. It’s just a small fight. Like the ones we trained in the Ground… I tried to ease myself up.

Logann, on the other hand, looked as calm as he had always been. He took a deep breath before crawling and jumping behind the giant glass cube pointing his sword.

Something shrieked at the sight of Logann, and I quickly withdrew my knives to aid him in case an enemy was about to attack.

But nothing came.

Instead, in front of me, I found a sobbing woman covering her mouth, kneeling in horror.

Logann and I looked at each other before putting back our weapons and helping the woman stood up. The red haired woman who seemed to be in her mid-thirties quickly hugged me in relief before taking off her glasses and wiping her tears.

“It’s alright, ma’am, we’re with the Rescue Team. What’s going on, are you hurt?” I asked.

“I’m… Fine…” she said in between sobs before releasing me and putting back her glasses, “but the others are not. They — the Black Army, they—” she stopped and started to cry again.

“Hey, it’s okay. We’re going to get you out of here. But first you need to tell us what happened,” I said, holding her shoulders.

The woman stopped crying and nodded, “alright. My name is Reena, I work on a night shift here,” she started, “when the enemies attacked, only some of the others made it to the exit, while the others are… They — they got captured and held captive by elves.”

So the intruders were from the Elves Kingdom.

“Ma’am, my team captain said this floor has been safely evacuated. How come you are still here?” Logann asked.

Reena’s eyes widened as if she had remembered something she shouldn’t have. Then her eyes started to water again. “I… I… They — I don’t know,” she stuttered, trying to level her voice, “I was caught on the second floor and then they blindfolded my eyes. I heard the others screaming and then… And then…”

Reena seemed like she’s going to burst into tears soon, so I cut in before that could happen. “Reena, do you know where the others are?”

She blinked and cleared her throat, “I do. But first, you need to get the disc. It’s somewhere on this floor and I’m afraid the enemy might have it. We haven’t made a copy of it, and it’s very, VERY important,” Reena said, stressing on the word ‘very’. “And my husband. They have my husband. Please, you have to save him,” she added as her voice broke and she started to cry again.

“Okay Reena, but we are going to need your cooperation. Can you show us where the disc is, and where your husband is?” Logann asked.

She nodded.

Reena started to lead us deeper inside the labyrinth.

Throughout the walk, I tried to push every buttons on my watch, softly hitting it in hope of shocking it to turn on.

Logann noticed this and shook his head. “It’s no use,” he said, “I think the enemies are blocking the signal.”

“It’s worth trying,” I shrugged, “and besides, how could the enemy knows the—”

That was when I realised the presence of a hooded figure, charging towards us from behind Logann.

And that was when I felt a needle piercing right the middle of my forehead.

And that was when I heard Reena screamed.

And that was when I saw the hooded figure crashing into Logann with a gun pointed at him.

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